SOURCE: Dataslide Ltd

July 25, 2005 06:21 ET

Dataslide Receives First Round Funding From High Invest

Dataslide Ltd, New Technology Expert in Hard Drive and Storage Solutions, Earns First Round Investment With High Invest

LONDON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 25, 2005 -- Dataslide Limited,, a UK company founded to develop innovative hard drive and storage technologies, has agreed to an investment program with High Invest, the investment vehicle backed by Eric Berthaud, designed to grow new technology start-ups into successful, highly competitive corporations.

Dataslide aims to bring new hard drive designs to the market, and to continue to research and develop paradigm-breaking methodology for data and information management. The newest storage technology by Dataslide combines mature, current techniques into a fundamental design shift, allowing Dataslide to sidestep key technical barriers in existing hard drive performance development by using an oscillating magnetic media surface which enables data signals to be read or written by a matrix of read:write heads.

"We are extremely proud to be the first external investor for both this amazing technology and the exceptional technical team at Dataslide," commented Eric Berthaud, Founder and CEO of High Invest. "We are strong believers in the concept which we envisage will fundamentally change and improve Computer Architecture by utilising existing Silicon Assets far better than current products."

"This is an important milestone for our company and we look forward to working with High Invest and Eric, with his strong reputation for spotting winning technologies and building high value technology businesses," said Dataslide's Chairman and CEO, Charles Barnes.

"The product will remove the enduring bottleneck in Computer System performance by increasing Hard Drive access speeds by orders of magnitude, whilst potentially reducing lifetime energy consumption by more than eighty percent," added Barnes.

Dataslide technology is being further developed to provide a permanent storage alternative to flash storage and consumer electronics volume storage solutions.

First generation Dataslide products are likely to have a 36-72GB capacity, a response time of 0.2-0.3 milliseconds, a true data rate of 64MB/sec. (without caching), and use standard protocols including PCI Express. Production is anticipated by the end of 2007 or the beginning of 2008. The team believes this performance will be further improved as prototyping and pre-production development is carried out.

High Invest has committed $500,000 in seed funding, which will allow the company to complete its worldwide IP protection process and to further its product development activities ahead of a full funding round, due this summer.

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