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Datatek Applications, Inc.

November 07, 2011 09:00 ET

Datatek Applications IPv4-IPv6 Transformer Awarded IPv6 Ready Phase-2 Gold Logo by the IPv6 Forum

SOMERSET, NJ--(Marketwire - Nov 7, 2011) - Datatek Applications, Inc., a leading provider of protocol mediation networking products, today announced that it has achieved the IPv6 Ready Phase-2 Gold Logo for its IPv4-IPv6 Transformer. The testing, performed at the University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), certifies the Transformer for the IPv6 Forum's IPv6 Ready Phase-2 Gold Logo, demonstrating its conformance to the logo program and its ability to interoperate with other IPv6 Ready devices and networks.

The UNH-IOL also successfully completed testing of the Transformer with the United States Government IPv6 (USGv6) Profile USGv6 Basic Requirements, Stateless Address Auto-Configuration (SLAAC) and Addressing Requirements.

No testing issues or failures on the part of the Transformer were uncovered.

The US Government IPv6 Profile is developed and administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in collaboration with the UNH-IOL and the IPv6 Forum.

Datatek's IPv4-IPv6 Transformer is a low-cost, multi-functional and highly-secure solution for migrating IPv4 infrastructure to IPv6 networks. It uses proprietary technology to connect IPv4 infrastructures to the latest generation IPv6 networks and provides dynamic protection with IPsec end-to-end security mechanisms.

The IPv4-IPv6 Transformer enables an IPv4-only host to continue operating with other IPv4 hosts with no disruptions, while simultaneously operating with IPv6 hosts.

Protocol and address translation are implemented seamlessly, as are higher-level protocol mediation and termination functions such as DNS, ICMP, DHCP and ARP.

The IPv4-IPv6 Transformer platform is based on proven design experience that has evolved from Datatek's highly reliable and robust carrier-class line of protocol mediation products.

Datatek's IPv4-IPv6 Transformer changes an IPv4-only host into a dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 host. No changes to the host's software or hardware are needed.

Datatek's IPv4-IPv6 Transformer enables IPv4 systems to transition to IPv6 quickly and easily. By migrating to an all-IPv6 network, the customer saves costs by not having to maintain dual IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The Transformer uses network address and protocol translation to provide IPv6 connectivity and services to IPv4 systems immediately in preparation for the day when the IPv4 network will be turned down. The Transformer does not perform tunneling, which perpetuates the dual-stack nature of the network and introduces security concerns. The Transformer acts as a surrogate/proxy for the IPv4 system at the edge of the network and supports a limited number of users, thus avoiding most of the problems facing large-scale NATs.

"Datatek's commitment to producing quality, interoperable products has been demonstrated by their IP4-IPv6 Transformer's achievement of the IPv6 Ready Phase-2 Gold Logo and USGv6 test results," said Erica Johnson, Director of the UNH-IOL. "As IPv6 becomes a reality, proof of conformance and interoperability becomes critical to administrators making the transition to IPv6 in their networks."

The target market includes customers with IPv4-only systems that can not easily be upgraded to IPv6 due to cost or risk factors. The driving need to implement IPv6 in enterprise networks, cloud solutions and hosted environments requires a solid and reliable transition path. The IPv4-IPv6 Transformer delivers full support for IPv6 infrastructure networks including addressing, routing, security and IPv4 to IPv6 conversion.

"After thoroughly testing the IPv4-IPv6 Transformer's capabilities with the UNH-IOL, we've proven that our solution delivers full support for customer IPv6 deployments," said Alan Stultz, Director of Marketing, Datatek Applications. "The Transformer's IPv4 to IPv6 migration benefits offer our customers the network availability, performance and security features that are necessary today."

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