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July 16, 2014 09:03 ET

Datatility Deploys Maginatics for Customer Collaboration in the Cloud

Datatility's Cloud Storage Service to Benefit From Maginatics' Global Namespace, File Locking and Encryption

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2014) - Maginatics Inc., an emerging leader in distributed enterprise storage solutions, today announced that Datatility, a cloud storage and network service provider based in Ashburn, Virginia, has deployed the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP) to enable fast, reliable, and secure collaboration for its cloud storage customers.

Datatility's Hydra Cloud storage service is based on Cleversafe's cloud storage architecture. Many of Datatility's customers are large enterprise organizations that need a way to access their files in the Hydra Cloud object store using a familiar file system on their own PCs, tablets, mobile devices and servers. The Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP) enables just that by implementing a global file system that provides fast, secure and transparent access to files stored as objects in Hydra Cloud.

Using MCSP, Datatility's technical staff can deploy one or more Maginatics Virtual Filers (MVF) as virtual machines inside a customer's own data center. MVF acts as the "brains" of the system and provides access from the customers' endpoint devices to the Hydra Cloud object store. File access is authenticated though Active Directory integration, and access speeds are optimized through full-fledged WAN optimization integrated in MCSP, including multi-tiered caching. In addition to cloud-to-endpoint performance acceleration, Maginatics MagFS Agent software enables fine-grained, end-to-end encryption and a range of other benefits that ensure secure and responsive connections.

"Our customers like the economics and scalability of our Hydra Cloud service, and Maginatics enables us to deliver it to them with a familiar interface and with full, enterprise-grade storage features," said Jan Rosenberg, CEO of Datatility. "Maginatics is the only solution we found that provided the rich set of features our business requires, all in a software-based platform that is cost-effective and easy to deploy."

"Maginatics is a great complement to our Cleversafe data storage portfolio because it enables fast, high-performance, and cost-effective access to our object store," said Russ Kennedy, senior vice president of product strategy and customer solutions at Cleversafe. "As a software-only solution that scales with the addition of virtual machines, Maginatics gives customers the flexibility they need to fully leverage cloud storage."

MCSP is the only enterprise-grade cloud storage solution in the market that provides massive scale-out, end-to-end encryption, edge intelligence and mobile optimization, all in a software-only form factor. The innovative architecture of the platform includes the Maginatics Virtual Filer, object storage of the customer's choice, and Maginatics Endpoint Agents for popular smartphone, tablet, laptop, server and virtual machine platforms. This architecture provides numerous advantages including high performance, security, scalability and control throughout the entire system -- in the cloud, on every endpoint and application, and everywhere in between.

"Service providers such as Datatility can capture a whole new market by delivering cloud storage services with Maginatics," said Kavitha Mariappan, vice president of marketing for Maginatics. "Our solution enables drop-in replacement for traditional filers without the expense of dedicated hardware, and it supports all of the file locking, encryption, deduplication, and access control features enterprise customers demand."

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Maginatics is an emerging leader in distributed enterprise storage solutions. The company's mission is to revolutionize enterprise storage by providing customers with the most elastic and adaptive cloud storage platform on the market. Maginatics delivers a new breed of storage technology natively designed for software-defined data centers and the cloud -- the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP). MCSP is a cutting-edge, cloud-optimized, distributed platform that provides enterprises with an unparalleled solution to manage their growing unstructured data, while enabling agile IT and business growth.

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