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July 06, 2005 11:00 ET

DataWorks Announces Formal Product Release of Incuity HDA™ Historical Plant Data Solution

MISSION VIEJO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 6, 2005 -- DataWorks Systems, a leading developer of real-time business intelligence software designed specifically for manufacturing enterprises, today announced the formal release of its new Incuity HDA™ historical data access solution for integrated deployment of plant-wide production information.

"Incuity HDA is a significant leap forward from existing solutions for supporting better decision-making in discrete manufacturing, batch and continuous process operations," explained John Nichols, DataWorks Chief Operating Officer. "Companies that have already invested in historians to collect plant data are finding it difficult to get real value from that data. Power users like engineers, technicians and production supervisors need tools for analyzing manufacturing performance and sharing insights with the rest of the organization. Casual users throughout the company need easy access to reports and dashboards via standard Internet browsers and Microsoft Office interfaces.

"Incuity solves these problems because it provides one rich client toolset for all of the major process historians; provides services to integrate and manage that data according to user-defined needs; and offers presentation services that empower people with more useful and practical production information," he added.

This combination of features enables users to build virtually unlimited arrays of reporting and information management applications, including:

--  Pre-configured and custom executive dashboards, within Incuity's open
    portal application;
--  Automated production reporting;
--  Key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring and alerting;
--  Downtime and operating equipment efficiency analysis;
--  Process verification; and
--  Process optimization.
Incuity HDA is fully backward-compatible with versions 8.5 and earlier of the ActiveFactory™ set of client applications for accessing and processing manufacturing data -- originally developed by DataWorks and licensed to the Wonderware® unit of Invensys Systems. These previous versions of ActiveFactory are no longer sold by Wonderware, which now markets its own version of the product based on an entirely different code base.

"The code differences between original versions and the new version from Wonderware mean that Incuity HDA is the only true upgrade available for users of ActiveFactory version 8.5 and earlier," Nichols noted. "Incuity HDA includes continuation of the concurrent licensing model, visualization and reporting tools, and saved work."

Going beyond this compatibility, Incuity HDA now enables ActiveFactory users to access data from several popular industrial data historians, such as OSIsoft's PI System, General Electric's Proficy Historian, Rockwell Software's RSBizware Historian, and Wonderware's IndustrialSQL Server, as well as any other OPC HDA-compatible historian. It exposes the full value of their historical data through familiar Internet browsers, Microsoft Office applications and its own powerful data analysis tools.

"Incuity is easy to use because its historian connectors -- which are new, intelligent forms of plant historian interfaces -- set themselves up automatically when the program is installed, adjusting to the data content and formatting of the specific historian the customer uses," Nichols said. "Plus, because Incuity is so tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, users are already familiar with how to interact with Incuity's presentation systems. Users who may have no other computing skills than knowing how to use Office can create sophisticated reports and web application content for sharing information with other people."

In addition to providing out-of-the-box compatibility with ActiveFactory desktop client applications, new Incuity HDA clients include:

--  A full-featured "zero install" trend application;
--  A full-featured "zero install" X-Y plotting application;
--  A powerful web application for data sharing throughout a plant;
--  An extensive reporting subsystem; and
--  A Microsoft Office add-in that provides Wizards for bringing data from
    multiple control and business systems into the familiar environments of
    Word and Excel for analysis, reporting and presentation of data.
"Importantly, Incuity HDA provides an easy upgrade path to the Incuity EMI™ enterprise manufacturing intelligence system, our expanded version that enters beta testing this month," Nichols added. "This will provide an easy growth path for Incuity HDA users because, when they migrate to a full EMI server, they can then connect to multiple data sources -- including real-time control systems, enterprise business systems and databases of all types -- in addition to plant historians. They also can analyze and act on that data using standard business intelligence methods and tools they may already be using, which provides an even broader range of intuitive and flexible user experience across an entire enterprise."

DataWorks Systems will begin taking orders immediately for the Incuity HDA product. Shipments are scheduled to begin in late July.

About DataWorks

DataWorks Systems, an Incuity Software, Inc. company based in Mission Viejo, California, is the creator of the ActiveFactory™ plant data management system for data reporting and analysis in manufacturing and process companies. More than 45,000 seats of ActiveFactory have been installed since 1998, in 13 languages and in more than 40 countries around the world. DataWorks Systems has continued to develop and support the ActiveFactory product, which has been licensed to and sold through the distribution network of the Wonderware unit of Invensys Systems. In addition to its headquarters operations in California, DataWorks has a regional sales office in Nevada and maintains an advanced solutions development group in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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