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February 14, 2006 09:00 ET

"Dateline NBC" Episode Outrages People Across the Nation

i-SAFE Called on to Answer the Question, "What Can I Do?"

CARLSBAD, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 14, 2006 --People across the nation are outraged after watching the latest in "Dateline NBC's" series "To Catch a Predator." Millions watched this show, which busted the greatest number of online predators to date. Now many are asking i-SAFE America, a nonprofit company dedicated to keeping kids and teens safe online, what they can do.

"The response has been overwhelming," said Teri Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer of i-SAFE. "The countless telephone calls and e-mail messages to i-SAFE all echo one thing: Whether it is parents, educators, businesses, or communities, they all want to help our children in the face of this shocking 'Dateline NBC' TV episode and the criminal epidemic it has exposed."

The Internet has changed the world for our youth and for homeland security. To teach subjects like math, social studies, and English, schools and teachers are accustomed to using the same curriculum and textbooks for several years. But that is unrealistic and ineffective when teaching students about rapidly evolving technology and the "high-risk" online dangers associated with it. Getting Internet safety education to every student in a timely and effective way is a huge challenge for schools. To meet this challenge, i-SAFE created the i-Adopt-A-School program, which is designed to allow local community-service groups to sponsor a school of their choice and to teach the kids in that school how to be safe and responsible online.

"The responsibility for making sure our nation's children are taught how to become and remain safe and secure cyber citizens online belongs to everybody," said Denny Shaw, i-SAFE Chief Operating Officer. "You must accept responsibility for teaching your kids and do something to make it happen. And the way to make it happen is to bring i-SAFE's Internet safety education to your school."

To meet the demands of a society looking for answers, i-SAFE is seeking public and private partnerships for the i-Adopt-a-School program. These partnerships ensure i-SAFE's unique, world-class Internet safety curriculum, as well as its youth-empowerment and community-outreach programs, will be taught in every classroom throughout the United States. Adults everywhere now realize that risky online behavior can be taking place as close as in the next room of their houses. Many are desperate to know what they can do to best guard kids against devastating cyber threats. The answer is simple: Internet safety education.

"There is no more precious national resource than children," Shaw added. "i-SAFE's bold vision is to reach all 53 million youths in grades K through 12 who are now actively using the Internet -- most of them oblivious to the dangers in Cyberspace and their vulnerability to them. And the most expedient way for an individual or local group to introduce i-SAFE Internet safety education in their community and school is through the i-Adopt-a-School program."

The FBI says child pornography and the sexual exploitation of children through online means is the most significant crime problem it faces today. The Internet also exposes children and adults to crippling cyber viruses, an inundation of spam, infringements of intellectual property, identity theft, cyber bullying and harassment, and more. These threats are real, and people need to become aware of them and learn how to protect themselves. That awareness comes through Internet safety education, and the best and most comprehensive Internet safety education comes from i-SAFE and the i-Adopt-A-School program.

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