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October 28, 2013 15:47 ET

Dave's Soda and Pet City One of First Merchants to Accept LOC Enterprises Universal Loyalty Card

LOC Card Will Go Live in New England Pet Store Before Upcoming Holiday Season

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwired - October 28, 2013) - Dave's Soda and Pet City, a leading pet store chain in Massachusetts and Connecticut, is one of the first merchants to accept the LOC Card, the universal loyalty card developed by LOC Enterprises that allows customers to easily enroll in multiple merchants' loyalty programs and maintain engagement with the companies through LOC Card dashboard.

"We all have fumbled through our wallets looking for a loyalty card, I've done it myself," said Dave Ratner, owner and CEO of Dave's Soda and Pet City, which is based in Springfield, Mass.

"We are all customers, we all have numerous cards from stores that have loyalty programs, and we all are forced to manage those cards for each merchant," he said. "We actually had a customer in yesterday, while checking out; she was looking for her Dave's card and said, 'There has to be a better way.' Not that I had any doubts that the LOC Card was the right move, but this statement was just more confirmation that we are on the right track."

LOC Enterprises introduced the LOC Card in New York City in January 2013 at the annual National Retail Federation convention. Since that time, the company has partnered with manufacturers of retail and point-of-sale (POS) equipment and companies that provide loyalty programs to merchants to incorporate the LOC Card into their systems. The system went live in mid-July of this year. Dave's Soda and Pet City is the first merchant to accept the LOC Card. LOC is now actively signing other merchants to join the network.

"We are excited to have Dave's Soda and Pet City as one of our first LOC Card merchants," said Jack Kennamer, CEO of LOC Enterprises. "Dave is a hands on operator who saw firsthand the pain point his customers were having managing multiple merchant loyalty cards. Because customer service and value have been the foundation of Dave's for many years, we are not surprised that he immediately recognized the value that LOC provides to his customers and his business."

"Our data, as well as multiple other studies, show that the biggest issues consumers have with loyalty programs are 1) enrollment, 2) managing all their cards, and 3) getting pummeled with all the e-mails and texts trying to engage customers. The LOC Card eliminates all these issues for the consumer without making the merchant change their loyalty system or provider, plus our system brings cost savings to the merchants."

Ratner called the LOC Card a "win/win" for his company and his customers. "The integration is simple," he said. "We don't have to change anything about or in our current loyalty program, or our vendors, and we greatly simplify our customers' enrollment and engagement process in just one step."

Ratner said the use of the LOC Card system will actually reduce his company's costs of operating his loyalty system and increase Dave's ability to better connect with its customers. "We have a very successful loyalty program but the LOC Card made too much sense for me not to do it," he said. "What merchant doesn't want to make it easier for their customers?"

Ratner said his company plans to go live with the LOC Card in its stores before the upcoming holiday season. "As we implement LOC and transition our customers over to the LOC Dashboard, I look forward to working with other Springfield-based merchants to expand the value and simplicity LOC brings to the consumer community here in Springfield."

"For those who don't think customers will flock to the LOC Card, the day the announcement went out in the local papers; our phones started ringing with customers wanting to know how they could get the LOC Card! Think about that? What does it take to get someone read a story, look up a phone number, make the call, and ask? Just more confirmation."

Kennamer, LOC's CEO, said that LOC Enterprises is focused on simplifying the customer engagement process for consumers, and in doing so, providing merchants with the benefit of greater participation in customer loyalty programs from all demographic categories.

About LOC

LOC Enterprises, LLC, based in Cincinnati Ohio and with offices in Atlanta, Ga. and Wichita, Kan., is the parent company of the LOC Card Solution®, providing the most effective, cost efficient, privacy protected, independent way to connect consumers with merchants' rewards and loyalty programs. LOC Enterprises' management team consists of industry veterans from HP, Motorola, major retailers, and proven entrepreneurs in the fields of technology, start-up development, marketing and retail, bringing extreme depth and experience to the new brand. To learn more, visit and

About Dave's Soda and Pet City

Dave's Soda & Pet City had its modest beginnings in the bay of an empty gas station in 1975. Dave Ratner started Dave's as a soda company, but three years later, after noticing that his local supermarket had more pet food than soda, he expanded the store to include pet food, supplies, and accessories. Today, Dave's Soda and Pet City has grown into seven superstores with more than 100 employees in the New England area. To learn more, visit

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