May 04, 2006 09:00 ET

DAVE.TV™ Debuts Social Broadcast Network™ Empowering Consumers to Be Content Producers and Broadcasters

Innovative Online Social Community Combines the Power of IPTV and User-Generated Video Allowing Consumers to Access a Library of Content and Broadcast to a Worldwide Audience

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 4, 2006 -- OnHollywood -- DAVE.TV™, a global IPTV digital entertainment network, today announced its new Social Broadcast Network™ (SBN) featuring user programmed broadcast channels as well as a comprehensive user-generated video content system on its IPTV network, Building upon the growing YouTube user-generated content phenomenon and social networking sites such as MySpace, the DAVE.TV SBN, for the first time, will allow consumers to not only publish and broadcast their own user-generated videos but also have program broadcast content from other DAVE.TV members and hundreds of channels of ad-supported content from DAVE.TV's network of content partners. In effect this allows consumers to create their own channels, or MyChannels™, where they are now the "Broadcaster" and can create and share playlists showcasing their media tastes and choices to friends, families and peers. The DAVE.TV SBN empowers consumers to be “Producers” with the ability to upload and share personal creations with friends or to a worldwide audience. DAVE.TV also offers a comprehensive range of monetization and distribution options and to a cross-platform of devices.

DAVE.TV (Distributed Audio Video Entertainment Television) will be introducing and demoing the new DAVE.TV Social Broadcast Network as part of the Top Innovator Demo program at OnHollywood 2006, the digital media and entertainment market for executives, being held May 3 - 4 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. DAVE.TV CEO, Rex Wong, will present a demo of the latest services from 2:30-3:05pm on May 4th. The company will also be holding private demos and briefings in its hotel suite throughout the event in its poolside hotel suite 111 and immediately following the presentation in the Granada Room from 3:15pm – 4:15pm.

One of the powerful new features of DAVE.TV's SBN is the ability for users to embed the DAVE.TV MyChannels™ Player onto their own MySpace page, blog or website so that their content lives on their site and not a central portal site. This completely changes the paradigm of media distribution from the current "one-to-many" model, where users go to a central portal to explore and acquire content, to a "many-to-many more" model whereby users can explore and acquire content from their peers. Leveraging the power of word-of mouth marketing and viral distribution, content can now be shared and experienced by users and their friends. DAVE.TV allows users to distribute various forms of media including videos, music, podcasts and photos, all in a multimedia environment that's easy to use. Best of all, as incentive for "Broadcasters" to embed the DAVE.TV MyChannels Player, DAVE.TV will share advertising revenue for ads viewed within the MyChannels Player residing on a "Broadcaster's" sites.

"With DAVE.TV's new Social Broadcast Network, we are empowering a whole new generation of consumers by enabling them to create, share and broadcast content," says Rex Wong, CEO of DAVE.TV. "We are revolutionizing media distribution by de-centralizing distribution while leveraging viral distribution and word-of-mouth marketing."

For content producers, DAVE.TV provides a comprehensive end-to-end publishing environment allowing them to publish content to a cross platform of devices including, television via the DAVE.TV XPORT set-top box, Internet via the many DAVE.TV MyChannels Players and the DAVE.TV website, the PC via the DAVE.TV Media Center (DMC) software, mobile phones, portable media players, and more. In addition, content producers can pick their business model including ad-supported, rent, subscribe and buy. Using the power of DAVE.TV's viral distribution system to not only get content out to the masses but also monetize it is something that no other user generated video site does. Content producers also have the option to stream content for free on the Web allowing users to experience and explore, while selling portable and mobile versions with full DRM or pushing it to the TV in the living room.

Another benefit of the DAVE.TV SBN is the ability for users to combine their user-generated content with that of mainstream content available via the large library of videos on the DAVE.TV IPTV service. Users can now not only produce videos by using original footage and film, but also create a fascinating new world of video with access to the IPTV network content and using a set of innovative tools offered by DAVE.TV. DAVE.TV is working with various studios and labels to create some exciting environments and applications, the first of which will be the ability to Make Your Own Personal Music Videos; more information to follow in the coming months.

Built on a proprietary Peer-to-Peer (P2P) grid architecture, the DAVE.TV service delivers compelling digital entertainment, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, music videos, songs and more, efficient and cost-effectively to multiple platforms. Best of all, a significant amount of DAVE.TV's content will be offered free to the public in an ad-supported model giving consumers a legal alternative to get their digital content.

The Public Beta of DAVE.TV Social Broadcast Network will be available immediately at


DAVE.TV (Distributed Audio Video Entertainment Television) is the first Cross Platform Digital Delivery Ecosystem that consolidates channels of video entertainment from sources around the world into a comprehensive service that delivers them to the PC, Web, TV, portable and mobile devices. DAVE.TV also develops IPTV platforms and solutions for service providers such as Telcos, CLECs, MSOs and ISPs and currently delivers over 100 channels of content featuring local, national, and international entertainment in the form of music, videos, news, sports, games, and more. DAVE.TV is powered by a comprehensive end-to-end content management system that makes it easy for content producers to publish and broadcast their content to a global audience. For more information, please visit

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