May 10, 2006 14:21 ET

DAVE.TV™ and Digital Blue Partner to Launch Fun, Themed User-Generated Video Communities

From "American Idol" Music Videos to Tony Hawk Action Stunts, Users Can Now Produce Personalized Video Content and Broadcast to a Community of Peers With DAVE.TV's Social Broadcasting Network™

LOS ANGELES. CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 10, 2006 -- ELECTRONICS ENTERTAINMENT EXPO -- DAVE.TV™, a global IPTV digital entertainment network, today announced that it has joined forces with Digital Blue, a leading innovator in interactive entertainment consumer electronics devices, to launch a suite of themed user-generated video communities on DAVE.TV's Social Broadcast Network (SBN) at

The new community-based channels on DAVE.TV's Social Broadcasting Network will feature user-generated content based on TV and sports-related themes, including "American Idol" and Tony Hawk, enabling users to meet, collaborate, and interact with peers of similar interests to produce, post, share, broadcast and vote on videos of their favorite action sports stunts, music videos, bloopers, memorable moments and more. Digital Blue and DAVE.TV will be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, May 10-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in meeting room MR7243 in Kentia Hall.

Digital Blue is a leading provider of an array of innovative consumer electronic devices that spark creative learning and personal growth. The company has partnerships with several main-stream companies in multiple entertainment industries resulting in a dynamic product line-up including, the Tony Hawk Helmet Cam, "American Idol" Camcorder, "American Idol" Keychain Cam, Miximan MP3 Producer, and more.

The "Tony Hawk Action-Cam Channel," will launch in June 2006, and will be the first of several new themed/specialized community-based channels that will enable users to immediately publish and broadcast personal action sports videos, footage of stunts, and more using the Digital Blue Tony Hawk Helmet Cam or another camcorder/video recording device with family, friends, or even a worldwide audience.

"We welcome the opportunity to work with Digital Blue to provide our customers with leading-edge user-generated video communities," says Rex Wong, CEO of DAVE.TV. "Digital Blue's innovative product line provides an efficient and easy way for sports and entertainment fans to harness the power of technology by creating quality user-generated content that can now be shared with a mass audience through the IPTV social broadcast network. We are creating a whole new generation of producers and broadcasters by allowing them to creatively assemble personal content that will appeal to others and in return may foster new friendships/relationships through sharing similar interests and hobbies."

Posting and sharing the videos on the growing DAVE.TV SBN will create mass appeal through personal experience and entertainment. Consumers can even create integrated video clips and highlights by combining their user-generated footage with that of broadcast content from other DAVE.TV members in the communities and hundreds of channels of ad-supported content from DAVE.TV's large library of videos on the IPTV network. Users can also embed the videos onto their own MySpace page, blog or website so that their content lives on their site and not a central portal site. Generated content can also reach a cross platform of devices including, television via the DAVE.TV XPORT set-top box, Internet via the many DAVE.TV MyChannels™ Players and the DAVE.TV website, the PC via the DAVE.TV Media Center (DMC) software, mobile phones, portable media players, and more. The new themed community channels will host several "best video" competitions in which prizes and points will be awarded for use on the DAVE.TV SBN.

"We are excited to partner with DAVE.TV to offer our customers a new and innovative way to produce, broadcast and share their personalized action sports videos with friends and family using the power of the Internet and viral distribution," says Tim Hall, CEO of Digital Blue Corporation. "As a result, we are creating a whole new forum for users to showcase and share, produce, post, broadcast and vote on a wide array of entertainment interests."

The DAVE.TV SBN allows consumers to create their own channels, or MyChannels, where they are now the "Broadcaster" and can create and share play lists showcasing their media tastes and choices to friends, families and peers. The DAVE.TV SBN empowers consumers to be "Producers" with the ability to upload and share personal creations with friends or to a worldwide audience. DAVE.TV allows users to distribute various forms of media including videos, music, podcasts and photos, all in a multimedia environment that's easy to use.


DAVE.TV (Distributed Audio Video Entertainment Television) enables and empowers a whole new generation of producers and broadcasters to express themselves and share their media creations and tastes with the world. With DAVE.TV's Social Broadcast Network, users can create and broadcast their content along with content from their friends and other DAVE.TV members as well as from the network of DAVE.TV's content partners. Using DAVE.TV's Cross Platform Digital Delivery Ecosystem, this content can be delivered to a whole array of devices including the PC, Web, TV, portable and mobile devices. DAVE.TV also develops IPTV platforms and solutions for service providers such as Telcos, CLECs, MSOs and ISPs and currently delivers over 100 channels of content featuring local, national, and international entertainment in the form of music, videos, news, sports, games, and more. DAVE.TV is powered by a comprehensive end-to-end content management system that makes it easy for content owners to publish and broadcast their content to a global audience. For more information, please visit

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Digital Blue Corporation specializes in products that merge technology with traditional play and learning offering kids and teens exciting and innovative products that can be used throughout their world. The company caters to older kids and "tweens" ages 8-12, as well as teenagers -- a generation that experiences interactive technology as an everyday part of their lives. The diverse product line offers the freedom to create, play, and learn from technology without always being "tethered" to a PC or videogame console. Digital Blue products include the Tony Hawk Helmet Cam, "American Idol" Key Chain Cam and Camcorder, PC Animation Station and more. For more information please visit

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