September 12, 2006 09:00 ET

DAVE.TV Empowers Users to Create and Monetize Their Own TV Station With the "MyTVBox™" Embeddable Media Player

Users Can Share and Post Video, Music and Photo Content Legally on Any Website, Blog or Social Site Using the "MyTVBox" Embeddable Media Player for Easy Customized Self Broadcasting

ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2006 -- DAVE.TV, the Social Broadcast Network, today announced the launch of the DAVE.TV "MyTVBox™" Embeddable Media Player. For the first time, using a single embeddable player with a multi-channel playlist, users have the ability to share and repost videos, photos, and MP3s directly on their own website, blog or social site, such as MySpace, rather than hosted through a central portal site. Members also have access to legal video content such as music videos, TV shows, films and documentaries from the hundreds of DAVE.TV channels from content partners. With the easy to use "MyTVBox" multi-channel media player users are essentially creating a personalized TV station and media player where they can express themselves through broadcasting unique media tastes.

"With customizable skins and channel playlists the 'MyTVBox' is the perfect enhancement to any blog, personal website, social site or Myspace page," says Rex Wong, CEO of DAVE.TV. "Join our network, program your own TV media station including video clips, photos and music, embed the customized player on your site, and make money! It's as easy as 1,2,3,4. The 'MyTVBox' allows DAVE.TV to continue advocating the empowerment of users to become their own content producers and broadcasters creating ultimate media expression freedom."

Best of all, users will also have the ability to make money as a portion of advertising revenue from ads played with the videos from the DAVE.TV "MyTVBox" on their site. Members can produce, mix, and post a list of videos that will appeal to individual blog or social audiences, while advertisers also have a chance to creatively promote to a larger niche market. DAVE.TV will facilitate the advertising on each embedded media player, ensuring that the ads played reflect and are relevant to the background and content of the site.

In addition, consumers can even create integrated video clips and highlights by combining their user-generated footage with that of broadcast content from other DAVE.TV members in the communities, plus content from over a hundred professinal content partners of ad-supported content from DAVE.TV's large library of videos on the IPTV network. Members can choose from thousands of music videos, movies, films, TV shows and documentaries as well as their own personal videos. Because DAVE.TV partners with content producers and owners, all videos that are shared and reposted are legal as content producers/owners receive a portion of all revenue from advertising and content sales.

Using the power of IPTV, the DAVE.TV SBN distributes digital audio and video entertainment to a cross-platform of home and mobile devices. The DAVE.TV Social Broadcast Network allows people to be the "broadcaster" of their own "channel." With DAVE.TV, consumers can publish and broadcast their own user-generated videos via the Internet and eventually through TV sets. Posting and sharing the videos on the growing DAVE.TV SBN will create mass appeal through personal experience and entertainment.


DAVE.TV (Distributed Audio Video Entertainment Television) enables and empowers a whole new generation of producers and broadcasters to express themselves and share their media creations and tastes with the world. With DAVE.TV's Social Broadcast Network, users can create and broadcast their content along with content from their friends and other DAVE.TV members as well as from the network of DAVE.TV's content partners. Using DAVE.TV's Cross Platform Digital Delivery Ecosystem, this content can be delivered to a whole array of devices including the PC, Web, TV, portable and mobile devices. DAVE.TV currently delivers over 100 channels of content featuring local, national, and international entertainment in the form of music, videos, news, sports, games, and more. DAVE.TV is powered by a comprehensive end-to-end content management system that makes it easy for content owners to publish and broadcast their content to a global audience. For more information, please visit

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