SOURCE: Village Care International

November 14, 2016 09:14 ET

David Glenwinkel, Founder of Village Care International, Announces Unique African Aid Method

AUBURN, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 14, 2016) - David Glenwinkel Village Care Internationals founder announces a new approach to African relief efforts. Instead of offering outside financial aid or food donations, Village Care International provides three-day seminars that help impoverished African villages become self-reliant. The focus in these seminars is on identifying local issues and finding common sense, workable solutions to problems such as poor nutrition, inadequate housing, educational issues, and lack of business development. When the problems are local, local solutions are the most effective.

Already, Village Care International has helped improve the lives of residents in more than 2000 villages in eleven different African countries. The broad range of this program helps ensure that the culture of self-reliance will spread across the continent. The ultimate reach of this program may be in the hundreds of thousands if not millions of villagers. Changing the financial and social dynamics of a village is a more enduring investment than a temporary influx of cash can ever be.

The seminars are brief but have lasting effects. The first day of these seminars invites villagers to consider what it means for a child to be safe in their community, something that is particularly important due to the number of orphans found in these areas. Eventually, five needed outcomes are established: safety, health, loving homes, school attendance and learning and good reputations. Day Two then focuses on sanitation, nutrition, health care, education, and economic security. Day Three allows discussion of any pertinent topic. At the end of these three days, an action plan is in place that begins the villagers' journey to self-reliance. Rather than leave residents vulnerable to external economic forces, Village Care International insulates them from foreign disruptions and the vagaries of other governments. What begins at home has a more transformative effect.

Those interested in volunteering their time can become a member of a expert seminar team, allowing them to personally affect the future of African villages. Those that do volunteer often gain as much from the experience as the villagers do.

For more information, visit or call 530-217-4555. For written inquiries, the address is Village Care International, 3240 Professional Drive, Auburn, CA 95602. Donations are welcome.

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