SOURCE: Village Care International

October 07, 2016 15:23 ET

David Glenwinkel Recognized for Humanitarian Efforts

AUBURN, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 7, 2016) - David Glenwinkel, the founder of Village Care International, is a true philanthropist and now has been awarded for his truly remarkable gifts to countless people across Africa and the rest of the world. It's one thing to give and man a fish, but to teach a man to fish has far better and longer lasting results especially over the long run. David Glenwinkel/Village Care International has a revolutionary approach to helping others help themselves and was created on the belief that the people of Africa have the ability and resources to create a better life for themselves.

After seeing the constant failures of traditional methods of aid to Africa, David Glenwinkel came up with a method to help the people of Africa aid themselves rather than wait for the help of others. To accomplish this incredible feat, David took some extraordinary steps.

After meeting with a group of widows in a small East African village, David and the group of villagers decided that their mission would be that the African people would learn to provide for themselves using only the resources available to them within each of their own communities, but David didn't stop there.

One of the key reasons for the success of Village Care International was David's personal involvement and dedication to solving a problem. His dedication to success led him to learn about how the people of Africa lived within their villages and communities then set them on a course to work together to build better lives and communities. After leaving the village for a few months, David returned and found that the village had undergone some amazing changes.

Inspired by David, the villagers set about improving their village through repairs and cleaning. This led to his approach that he now uses for all the villages he works with. Villagers clean and repair their own homes and villages, but David Glenwinkel/Village Care International did offer the villagers more than just inspirational words and motivation.

David and his foundation help villagers achieve better sanitation, education, and heath practices. These core achievements earned David Glenwinkel his award in philanthropy for the best nonprofit in Africa. However, the award was more for David's unique and innovative process that actually made a lasting difference in the villager's lives and changed their way of thinking. Rather than forcing typical western ideas, plans, and money onto the people of Africa, David and Village Care International created a system that changed their way of living.

The Village Care Program also called OPOS looked to find the underlying causes of the problems within the African communities. While the program does provide monetary aid, it is not its chief source of assistance. Help with infrastructure as well as providing empowerment for independence are key factors that make Outcomes Practices and Open Space or OPOS so revolutionary and successful.

No matter how others may think or feel about providing aid to Africa, the Village Care program speaks volumes to how helping others is more than just giving money and other material aids. By actively seeking a real solution, and by bypassing the traditional methods of providing aid that is vulnerable to those who would take advantage such aid, David Glenwinkel has set a new standard in how we can really help others to help have better lives and achieve greater economic and social success.

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