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Davinci Vaporizer

November 21, 2014 17:30 ET

DaVinci Vaporizers Is Captivating San Francisco

DaVinci Vape Lounge Was the Most Captivating Lounge at the Startup & Tech Mixer Event

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - November 21, 2014) - Organicix, which owns the popular brand DaVinci Vaporizers, ventured all the way to California, Friday Nov. 14, to sponsor one of the most popular events in San Francisco, The Startup & Tech Mixer at the W Hotel. This event brought in over 4,000 tech enthusiasts whose overwhelming interest in Davinci's latest portable vaporizer The Ascent by DaVinci, made their vape lounge a true success. With product demonstrations, on site giveaways, and interviews with their top representatives, DaVinici was the star of the show. The Startup & Tech Mixer helps bring individuals together to experience new and exciting business that are shaping today's culture. DaVinci Vaporizers, was one of the sponsors of the event that stood out among the rest.

The Startup & Tech Mixer event allowed the DaVinci brand to solidify their relationship with their Californian audience by showcasing their stylistic and innovative product The Ascent by DaVinci. DaVinci's outside vape lounge had individuals lined up one by one to receive a demo Ascent vaporizers to test out devices functions by sampling different herbs and oils that it could vape. Patrons were also able to sit on their luxury couches to vape alongside friends and new acquaintances while enjoying the awe-inspiring view of San Francisco. Not only did Davinci Vaporizers make an appearance outside, they even had a few representatives inside the event handing out devices that guests could vape while walking through each floor.

"If they aren't able to make it outside to the vape lounge party, why not bring a little bit of the party to them?" said a DaVinci Representative. By branching out into new ventures and reaching their customers through nontraditional avenues, DaVinci vaporizers is claiming their spot as one of the top leaders in the vaporizing world. Their motto of teaching others to "Vape Intelligently" has been seen throughout all of their nationwide campaigns, and many events. They truly are introducing a new and well educated vape culture to the world.

The Startup & Tech Mixer is an interactive networking event that brings people together to exchange information, develop contacts and help further one's career. Guests have the opportunity to attend conferences held by experts in the field of technology, bond through the power of play, and network with influencers in their field. DaVinci Vaporizers felt very honored to support an event that helps connect others to further advance their careers. This event is only one of many that the DaVinici Brand hopes to attend so they can further connect to their tech savvy audience.

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