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April 09, 2015 08:30 ET

Daxor Receives Two Patents, One for Measurement of Total Body Albumin and a Second Patent for Improved Accuracy of Blood Volume Measurement

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 9, 2015) - Daxor (NYSE MKT: DXR) has received approval from the US Patent Office for a Total Body Albumin Analyzer, US Patent # 9,002,656. The patent for the total body albumin analyzer is the first one issued for an instrument to measure the total albumin within the human body. Albumin is the major carrier molecule in the human body for hundreds of metabolic products such as hormones. Albumin is also the major protein responsible for maintaining blood pressure within the body. Many diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, kidney disease, involve loss of albumin concentration within the circulation. Albumin is a vastly underutilized therapeutic agent derived from human blood. The ability to precisely quantify the total amount of albumin in an individual patient should provide opportunities for its therapeutic use in conditions where its absence leads to major blood volume derangements. The total body albumin measurement is performed in conjunction with a blood volume measurement. The ability to perform this test is an upgrade to the Blood Volume Analyzer and will not require the patient to have an additional injection. Co-inventors are Dr. Joseph Feldschuh and Jonathan Feldschuh.

Daxor has also been issued a patent covering new technology used in the automated Blood Volume Analyzer US Patent # 9,002,657. The test for measuring blood volume currently uses five sample points to provide an accurate measurement of a subject's blood volume by measuring the dilution of a tracer in the subject's bloodstream over a thirty-five minute period. The new patented method uses statistical algorithms to allow for the accurate, automatic calculation of a blood volume, even if one of the five samples is not in line with the others. This eliminates the need for technician interpretation. The algorithm is already in use in the current version of the BVA-100 Analyzer, and enables robust, accurate results. Co-inventors are Dr. Joseph Feldschuh and Jonathan Feldschuh.

Dr. Joseph Feldschuh stated that "The ability to precisely quantify the amount of albumin in a specific patient should significantly increase the utilization of this essential blood protein. Albumin for intravenous use is currently supplied by Baxter. Conditions such as septic shock, congestive heart failure, kidney and liver failure may result in a collapse of the circulation. Appropriate use of intravenous albumin based on quantitative measurements has the potential to save the lives of patients who might otherwise not survive. It is my belief that lack of ability to accurately quantify the amount of albumin in a patient's body has been a major factor in its under-utilization. It is our hope that this breakthrough will lead to significantly improved treatment of critically ill patients."

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