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June 23, 2014 09:00 ET

DayDreamer Sleeper Calls for Parental Awareness, Responsibility in Response to Infant Death in Recalled Nap Nanny

VACAVILLE, CA--(Marketwired - June 23, 2014) - DayDreamer Sleeper is reminding parents to be more vigilant when purchasing and using infant products in the wake of an infant death involving a recalled Nap Nanny "Chill" infant sleeper. The DayDreamer Sleeper is not affiliated with Nap Nanny.

"The DayDreamer family was saddened to learn about the accidental death involving a Nap Nanny and our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time," said Jason Clute, President of DEX Products, which manufactures and sells the DayDreamer Sleeper. "This unfortunate tragedy underscores the importance of following the safety guidelines printed on any infant product."

DEX Products independently designed the DayDreamer Sleeper after the initial recall of the Nap Nanny. The DayDreamer's design has been rigorously safety-tested to both address the safety flaws of the Nap Nanny design as well as to exceed the new federal safety guidelines, which are expected to be implemented by the Consumer Product Safety Commission later this year.

"At DayDreamer Sleeper, safety is paramount," said Clute. "We have spared no expense in designing, testing and ultimately putting the DayDreamer on the market because we want parents to rest assured that they are using the safest and most comfortable sleeper available."

The safety concerns addressed in the DayDreamer include:

  • Higher walls: The Nap Nanny's low side walls made it easy for babies to accidentally roll out. The DayDreamer's nine inch sidewalls are nearly three times higher, making it impossible for the child to roll out. 
  • Safety buckle: The Nap Nanny buckles were fastened to sleeper's removable cover, making it easy for baby to wiggle out. The DayDreamer Sleeper is secured to the sleeper's solid core and easily adjusts to a snug fit to keep baby safe and secure.
  • Warning Label: Due to inadequate instruction labels on the Nap Nanny, many parents and caregivers used the sleeper inappropriately. The DayDreamer Sleeper has prominently-placed, easy-to-understand instructions which cannot be removed.

More information on the differences between the DayDreamer Sleeper and the Nap Nanny are available on the DayDreamer Sleeper website.

In addition to its safety features, the DayDreamer Sleeper is doctor-endorsed and features a 28 degree incline that help baby to sleep better for longer. It's a removable, washable cover is made with the softest and most comfortable materials. It also has a waterproof seating area to contain spills or diaper leaks. It is available in three colors: Sage, Blue and Pink. Every DayDreamer Sleeper is sold with a lifetime guarantee. DayDreamer Sleepers can be purchased for $129.99 exclusively at Babies 'R' Us.

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