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July 16, 2008 14:44 ET

DC Brands to Consider Possible Corrective Action at August Shareholders' Meeting

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - Today, DC Brands International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: DCBR) announced that they intend to discuss and give serious consideration to a potential corrective action to help restore shareholder value in the stock at the annual shareholder meeting to be held in Denver on August 16th. The company's CEO Richard Pearce said, "Last year, we instituted a reverse that had some sound logic behind it, including a reasonable number of so called experts encouraging us to do so. This was done with the idea of helping to lessen the constant negative effect day traders were having on the stock and with the promise of substantial funding to better capitalize the company."

Pearce continues, "As with any plan, there are several necessary parts that must materialize. One in particular was the sales of the Turn Left and Dickens Products needing to meet projections. Although we were able to secure distributors, the products simply did not move off the shelves at an acceptable rate and reorders were all but nonexistent. Next was the completion of the full audit, which we trusted experts to have completed long ago. We had good reason to trust in the advice, which seemed sound at the time and had all things worked, we could have moved up and off the Pink Sheets many months ago.

"Ultimately, all of those things are now simply excuses and despite all of the urging, suggestions and opinions from experts, it came down to me making the final decision that I now regret. All that it accomplished was diminishing shareholder value, including my own. Even though I do not, have not, nor wish to, sell any shares on the market, it still reduced the value of those shares by millions of dollars as a net effect. I made the decision so I deserve the consequence. But we do not take lightly those who have just a few hundred or few thousand invested."

Pearce further states, "They have a right to expect a great return for their trust and faith they put into the company. In all honestly, I sincerely remain more confident in the future of the company than I have ever been, even though building the right distributor network for our new H.A.R.D. Nutrition line seems to be moving at a snail's pace in which it really isn't. We put a tremendous amount of time, energy and money into attempting to solidify a deal with one of the nation's largest distributors and received rave reviews throughout the entire process. However, just as the time came for the rubber to hit the road, both we and they were blindsided with an offer no one could see coming and that put things on hold. Then two weeks ago, things started back up and now after this week's announcements they are back on hold and we have no choice but to move forward and quickly.

"I will admit, we wanted to hit the home run right out of the box and I would dare say that anyone who attended the meetings we did and saw and heard the responses we experienced would have done exactly the same thing. No one walks away from a relationship of that potential. Now it is time to move on and very quickly. I assure everyone that we are working feverishly with independent distributors as well as the remaining super powers of the industry and we are receiving the same great responses. However in the meantime, our VP of Sales, Jim Randall, has instructed his staff to move immediately with the many independents that have expressed a great deal of interest in the line and you can look for releases on some of them as soon as next week. With respect to the audit process, I invite anyone with questions to call our CFO Martin Bykowsky directly at 303-279-3800.

"All of that said, we want to restore shareholder value and we can in no way attempt to manipulate or artificially affect the price. What we can do is continue to listen to our rational shareholders and help them understand how important they are to us. We still have to stay focused on the fundamentals and we are doing so. No action can be taken until we can prove to the world that we are going in the right direction and that the hard audited sales numbers prove that. What I want everyone to understand is that we do now believe last year's 1-10 reverse split was a mistake. We are seriously considering some form of a corrective action and going over the possibilities with our legal team. It would not be a 100% or more correction but a reasonable and prudent correction by year's end based on progress if and when we can prove that to help restore the value some shareholders have lost. The bottom line is thousands of people have put their faith in us and we have suffered and survived more than our share of setbacks. But we do have a bright future and the accepted measure of how a company like ours performs is best judged by shareholder value and we want ours to know that we understand and respect that very much. I look forward to meeting face to face with many of those who attend next month's meeting and letting them see firsthand and better understand what we are poised to do."

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DC Brands International, a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol (PINKSHEETS: DCBR), presently specializes in and manufactures health products. Established in 1998, DC Brands went public in 2005 producing the company's first products, Dickens Energy Cider then eventually Turn Left Energy Drink. In 2007, DC Brands purchased the assets of H.A.R.D. Nutrition and began its quest to produce a new health line of products. DC Brands is now proud to announce the release of their new H.A.R.D. Nutrition Functional Water Systems, which is set to revolutionize the functional beverage category.

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