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November 05, 2013 17:04 ET

DCG Systems Announces nProber II™

Proven Nanoprobing Solution for the 14nm Node and Beyond

FREMONT, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - Today DCG Systems, Inc. announced the nProber II, a new nanoprobing system for characterizing transistors and interconnects in semiconductor devices manufactured at advanced design nodes. Designed to help semiconductor manufacturers accelerate technology development, maximize yield and diagnose reliability issues, the nProber II offers automation enhancements and up to 40% throughput improvement over its predecessor, the industry-leading nProber nanoprobing system.

"Electrical fault isolation in next-generation logic is extremely challenging," said Mike Berkmyre, General Manager of DCG's nanoInstruments Division in Richardson, Texas. "As our leading customers focus on improving performance and power management, transistors become smaller and closer together, while the number and complexity of interconnects grow with each node. The nProber II's advanced control electronics and upgraded automation allow operators to rapidly diagnose which transistor or interconnect is responsible for an electrical failure, so that the problem can be quickly corrected."

The leading-edge capabilities of the nProber II are enabled by several technology advances, including:

  • A new probe positioner and nano-positioner drive control system that employ proprietary low-drift technology, improving probe landing and contact stability for all eight probes;
  • New machine vision capability that automates probe referencing and alignment, improving throughput and operator productivity;
  • Live imaging to permit the user to verify the sample and probe condition in real time and visually ensure that the correct device is probed;
  • XYZ encoded center stage with step-and-repeat capability, allowing probes to remain in place while the sample is moved to the next bit; and
  • CAD navigation software that enables the nProber II to quickly locate and move to the area of interest with better than 50nm accuracy.

The new capabilities of the nProber II are also available as cost-effective field upgrades for owners of existing nProber z-series systems.

nProber II tools have been shipped to leading customers in Asia and the United States. For more information on the nProber II nanoprobing system, please visit the nProber II product web page.

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