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September 23, 2010 19:09 ET

DCG Systems Receives Ten Orders for Recently Patented LVx Technology Combining Laser Voltage Imaging and Probing

FREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - September 23, 2010) -  DCG Systems today announced that it has received an unprecedented ten orders for its recently patented LVx technology which was introduced to the market only a few months ago. This rate of adoption and market share gain in the design debug and failure analysis market indicates a significant pent-up demand for the LVx capabilities.

LVx provides both Continuous Wave Laser Voltage Probing (CW-LVP) and Laser Voltage Imaging (LVI) through a combination of hardware and software, and can be added as an option to EmiScope, Meridian and Ruby systems. The first of a series of DCG patents on the LVx technology was recently awarded by the US Patent Office (US 7,733,100 B2).

LVI maps specific frequencies of operation to physical transistor locations and is particularly well suited for locating breaks in failing scan chains. LVI may also be used with Laser Voltage Probing (LVP) to quickly determine the optimal locations for waveform acquisition.

CW-LVP provides fast functional waveform acquisition. The addition of this capability to the EmiScope complements the existing Time Resolved Emission (TRE) capability. On the Meridian, CW-LVP provides the ability to acquire actual waveform data at photon or thermal emission locations.

"The combination of LVI and CW-LVP is extremely powerful for accurate probing with high signal fidelity," said Roy Ng, LVx Product Manager. "LVI is quickly proving to be a very successful technique to map the active transistors at specific frequencies, for example data and clock frequencies of a scan chain, and is being effectively used by our customers for yield improvement by comparing good-die to bad-die."

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