July 10, 2006 13:00 ET

DDi Corp. Announces .25 mm Pitch Flip Chip Solutions at SEMICON West 2006

ANAHEIM, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 10, 2006 -- SEMICON West 2006, West Hall -- Level 2 Booth 8739 -- Attendees at SEMICON will gain greater understanding of some of the latest reference design and prototyping capabilities utilizing flip chip technology from DDi Corp. (NASDAQ: DDIC), a leading provider of technologically advanced PCB engineering and manufacturing services. DDi professionals involved in engineering, research/development and sales will be available to discuss how DDi's SMVTM technology is a method to provide thinner board profiles and smaller pitches for a competitive cost.

DDi is proposing reference designs and prototyping that incorporate a high density multilayer BGA substrate to support use of flip chip technology. Long used in mainframes and automotive electronics, the development of finer pitch capabilities has allowed flip chip technology to be used in compact devices including mobile phones, portable electronics, microprocessors, workstations and implantable medical devices. Flip chip designs offer the promise of shorter connections with high input-output (I/O) counts and improved electrical and thermal characteristics resulting from the direct connection of the IC to the substrate.

"PCB customers are looking to a new level of sophistication in products to support growing demand for high-density, high-performance electronic devices with a smaller/thinner form factor," says Gil White, Technical Marketing Manager, DDi. "Our capabilities are constantly evolving to meet customer and end-user demands with the .25mm design flip chip capability being the most recent solution we offer."

Flip chip and other SMV technology application information are available at the DDi Booth in West Hall -- Level 2, Moscone Center, Booth 8739.

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DDi is a leading provider of time-critical, technologically advanced, electronics manufacturing services. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, DDi and its subsidiaries offer fabrication and assembly services to customers on a global basis from its facilities located across North America.

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