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Harbor Village Detox

June 25, 2015 09:00 ET

The DEA Finds Bug Killer and Unidentified Chemicals in Street Popular Synthetic Drug Flakka

Harbor Village Detox Urges Those Addicted to Flakka, or Experimenting With the Substance, to Seek Immediate Treatment, in Response to News4Jax's Recent Article

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2015) - The DEA has uncovered unidentified substances mixed into the dangerous addictive substance alpha-PVP, along with bug killer and aspirin, according to News4Jax. South Florida is struggling to combat the use and dissemination of the illicit substance, as flakka has been the culprit of inducing heightened delirium -- dangerous to the mental and physical health of its users, according to Harbor Village Detox. New4Jax quotes Kevin Stanfil of the DEA, "[The] amazing thing about flakka is that it's not just made up for Alpha PDP, we've found crushed up aspirin, we've seen bug killer in there, we've actually seen chemicals in it that we don't know what they are, and we're talking about the DEA laboratory, and we don't know what's in this stuff." Those on flakka experience super human strength, acute paranoia, and erratic behavior, according to News4Jax.

Harbor Village Detox is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Miami. The drug treatment facility asserts those who are experimenting with the highly addictive substance are in need of immediate drug detox and prolonged treatment. An associate from Harbor Village Detox comments, "Flakka is becoming more than just a localized drug problem; even though the substance may rival opiates in its addictive nature, the taxation the substance has on the heart in particular can be life threatening in some instances. Like most illicit substances, it's impossible to know what other chemicals may be present in the substance. Overdose from flakka, in addition to a slew of other ailments.

"Our local officials must take immediate action to impede the availability of the substance to the best of their capabilities -- in fact, Broward already has a flakka task force. We've been waiting eagerly to see what results the force will have on the distribution of the drug. In essence, if there isn't a requirement for offenders to go to drug rehab, the flakka problem will become the next heroin epidemic."

Harbor Village Detox provides affordable addiction care in Florida to those suffering from untreated drug and alcohol use disorders. The drug treatment facility accepts clients all over the U.S. and accepts most major insurance plans.

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