April 20, 2009 09:48 ET

Dealers Using AutoUpLinkUSA Now Chat Live, Negotiate Deals Online With Consumers Visiting Their Virtual Inventory

Draw More Eyeballs to Your Vehicles With Dealer Chat and Craigslist Buttons

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - April 20, 2009) - Car dealers now can chat online directly with consumers visiting their virtual inventory listings fed by AutoUpLinkUSA, providing unparalleled lead generation and capturing tools.

To provide this interactive online marketing tool, AutoUpLinkUSA has teamed up with Fididel, a leader in online chat technology. AutoUpLinkUSA is a leading inventory data and vehicle image acquisition, management and online publishing company in business to help car dealerships market and sell more vehicles online.

By integrating Fididel's InteractNOW!™ interactive customer service into their AutoUpLinkUSA inventory listings on third-party car shopping sites and the dealership's own web site, dealers can interact one-on-one with shoppers in real time, negotiate deals, and provide customers with a secure gateway for making deposit payments.

"AutoUpLinkUSA's inventory listing, publishing and marketing services now give dealership customers a convenient, comfortable platform to seek, learn and make an offer for a vehicle in the comfort of their own place, time and venue while giving the dealer the flexibility to personalize the 'meet and greet' interaction over the Internet," said Mike Baker, President, AutoUpLinkUSA.

Dealers now subscribing to AutoUpLinkUSA and Fididel's InteractNOW! enjoy:

--  One-on-One Interaction - Provide online customers a private yet
    engaging platform for learning about, selecting, negotiating and reserving
    a vehicle.
--  Many-to-One Interaction - Interact with several visitors at the same
    time, with the click of a tab.
--  One-to-Many Interaction - More than one dealer representative can
    participate in the chat at the same time. Great for TOs or engaging the
    service manager in the discussion.
--  Flexible Messaging Format - Optimize a sales script or communication
    through free-form text or script libraries.
--  Lead Collection Tool - Capture customer's contact information.
--  Real-Time Offers - Instantly make and counter offers and finalize a
    negotiation by accepting a secure, online, deposit.
--  Dealer Chat Button - Draw eyeballs to your listings by featuring a
    bold Dealer Chat button on each vehicle detail page to maximize engagement.
--  Craigslist Button - Enable Craigslist viewers to start a dealer chat
    directly from the listing.

This unique service from AutoUpLinkUSA likewise provides a LocateNow! service whereby the tool automatically alerts dealership personnel of incoming chat requests so no opportunity is overlooked or missed. An intuitive administrative dashboard provides negotiation history, user and profiles management.

For more information, contact Skip Murphy at 936-499-6557 or

About Fididel

Fididel Inc. is the leader in provider real time interactive systems. The company pioneered the first real-time negotiation capability for companies doing business on the web. Fididel's InteractNOW! product for the auto marketplace is the most comprehensive real-time interactive solution in the industry.

About AutoUpLinkUSA

AutoUpLinkUSA is a leading inventory data and vehicle image acquisition, management and online publishing company. It is in business to help car dealerships market and sell more vehicles online. The company's superior products, in-dealership service and product concern resolution help more than 1,400 AutoUpLinkUSA dealership customers drive more revenue from their inventory. The company's attractive window sticker and compliant Buyers Guides services help dealers present attractive, accurate information about every used vehicle on the dealer's lot, as well. AutoUpLinkUSA is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

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