May 04, 2009 15:57 ET™ the Web's First and Only "Live Video" Auction Site Launches on May 6th, 2009

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - May 4, 2009) - Move over eBay! There's a new seller in town at

Let's face it, there's nothing like making a purchase in person. The tactile experience of being able to see first hand what you are buying as well as the person(s) selling it to you.

Up until now the web has only been able to sell you products via still photographs or pre-taped video-but we've changed all that!

From electronics, to cars and fashion items-you name it, you can now sell your items via; the webs first live video auction site!

The innovative main feature of the web site is a live video streaming real time interaction between both seller and buyer for every transaction. Buyers can see the product live and can communicate with the seller via live chat.

Registered members will have a choice of becoming sellers, buyers or both and will enjoy the many easy to follow features on the website to conduct a successful sale or purchase. All you need as a seller is a web cam and a PC and you are in business!

Sellers have the choice of a variety of selling methods; Auction, Fixed Price, and Buy it Now. A seller can sell one or many products during that allotted time and each product model will have a specific time segment from the over all show time length. Missed an auction? Buyers have the convenient option to view a rerun of a particular sale item at a later time.

DealitLive is the only platform on the web that allows sellers and buyers to interact live. For example, if a seller is showcasing a phone, the buyer can ask the seller via chat to turn the phone on, press buttons, get different angles on the product-whatever it is that they want to see to make an informed and sound purchase.

With DealitLive you no longer have to wait for answers about a product, you can now get them in real time LIVE! With DealitLive you have complete transparency with your seller, see them LIVE and most importantly see exactly what you are buying!


DealitLive is the web's first and only live auction site. Headed by industry professional Founder and President Sunny Melamed. For more information please see our website

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