SOURCE: Good Health Associates

January 29, 2008 08:35 ET

Debate Becomes Debut for Revolutionary Healthcare Plans in Florida

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - More than 10 years have passed since healthcare was the center of political debate. Since then, nothing much has happened (unless you consider an 87% increase in health insurance premiums over the last seven years).

Presidential candidates are talking about it again but, "Talking Points; Talking Heads; Talking Trash...we've all heard enough talk," said Mitchell Bodden, president of Good Health Associates. "The Talk has been replaced by the 'Walk -- beginning today."

After two years of product development, Good Health Associates of Tampa introduced a new health insurance program to help business owners, employees and families control care cost. More importantly, the plan will provide better access to the healthcare system. It will dramatically change how healthcare is bought, sold, financed and accessed for years to come in Florida.

The Covenant plan was unveiled at a meeting recently with former Executive Director, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, Douglas M. Cook as guest speaker.

"From the recent UAW/GM settlement to the '08 elections, health care has risen to the top of the national domestic agenda, again," Cook said, "but this time even the leading Democrats are talking about an insurance-based system of universal coverage. What are the opportunities and challenges?"

"Business owners, those with more than 51 employees, have been following all the rules and the mandates thrust upon them over the years," Bodden said, "but the results were always the same: Higher Costs. The only way out was to drop their health insurance plans -- which only exacerbates the problems we're facing in Florida. Our Covenant will go a long way toward fixing our problems -- the national debate can carry on as always."

Good Health Associates organized all the players to get Covenant on the streets: Insurance Companies, Healthcare Providers, Business Leaders and Patient Advocates. Not only will Bodden's effort change the way healthcare is delivered in Florida, but the rest of the country as well. Covenant will be introduced in several new states in 2008.

"We cannot afford to spend another day, another decade debating the course of healthcare in our country. We're putting Words into Action," Bodden said.

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