February 11, 2010 15:22 ET

Debt Management & Debt Solutions Helping Consumers Eliminate Debt

With the Country in the Midst of a Continued Recession, Consumer Advocate Advises Consumers on Debt Relief and Debt Elimination Options Available Today

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - February 11, 2010) - Consumers nationwide are feeing pinched, pulled, and stressed to the breaking point by revolving debt, particularly credit card debt. While many consumers might consider such things as yard sales and garage sales as debt management and debt solutions, there are an abundance of special programs today which aim to reduce and eliminate large amounts of debt.

Debt Management is a term that is increasingly in vogue today. Consumers are inquiring about it. Financial services are rolling out programs that address this need. It is no longer necessary for Americans to suffer and struggle day to day with credit card debt when Credit Card Relief is out there.

Consumer advocate explains today's Debt Solutions:

Debt Consolidation is one of the oldest and most widely known debt management programs. Advertised heavily on TV and radio by financial firms offering debt solutions, this program aims to reduce debt by in essence attaining reworked loan terms. Things such as the term of the loan(s) and interest rate(s) are often affected. In most cases, debt consolidation involves the taking out of a new loan to pay off existing loans.

Likewise, consumer credit counseling is another old and widely known debt management program. The stated goal of consumer credit counseling is the full repayment of debt which are owed. This may be achieved by reworking of terms of existing loans and debts. In most cases however, consumers that get extended payment terms end up paying much more in principal and interest in the long run.

Debt Settlement is a newer Debt Management program available today. This program involves a debt arbitrator negotiating on behalf of the consumer in debt with the consumer's creditors in order to achieve an agreed upon settlement that involves large amounts of the original debt being forgiven and eliminated. Debt settlement achieves debt reduction without the taking out of a new loan and avoids the need to even consider a bankruptcy.

Debt Relief offers consumers a free debt evaluation which can be taken advantage of at the company's website:

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