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January 12, 2010 15:49 ET

Debt Settlement Proven Best at Eliminating Credit Card Debt:

As Credit Card Bill Sticker Shock Sets in Across the Land, Consumer Advocate Advises of Best Credit Card Debt Relief Options

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - January 12, 2010) - With the Christmas shopping season in consumers' rear view mirrors, for many a day of reckoning is approaching. Many consumers already stood on a financial precipice when it comes to credit card debt. Many of these same consumers have also overspent during the holidays and will suddenly find it increasingly difficult if not impossible to make their monthly credit card payments.

To make matters worse, the U.S. economy continues to shed jobs. It is during these trying economic times that the innocent are preyed upon by those who seek to take advantage of those in despair from unbearable amounts of credit card debt. Bankruptcy and debt consolidation firms have smelled blood and have pounced upon consumers.

But consumers are advised not to be taken in by these overtures.

As has recently been made public by FICO, a bankruptcy filing will cause the consumer's credit score to drop by up to 260 points and will remain on the consumer's credit record for 10 full years. During this time it will be virtually impossible to obtain needed credit.

Consumers who file bankruptcy can also expect to be required to pay hefty fees when requesting future utilities such as gas, electricity, home phone, cell phone, water, etc. The consumer who files for bankruptcy can also expect to be denied an apartment rental as well as possibly be passed over for a job, as more and more employers these days perform credit checks as part of their routine job applicant screening process.

When it comes to debt consolidation/home equity loans, what the consumer in fact is doing is exchanging unsecured for secured debt -- thereby risking losing their home if they are unable to make their home equity loan payments.

The most effective debt relief program in existence today is known as Debt Settlement. This program achieves debt elimination of 50% or more in almost all cases -- without the need for a bankruptcy filing.

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