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January 08, 2007 11:30 ET

December 2006 Small Business Invoicing and Web Statistics for Reporters, Bloggers, and Analysts Now Available

FreshBooks Offers Free Monthly Online Billing and Technology Statistics and Trends in the SMB Market Sampled From Its Online Invoicing and Time Tracking Service

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 8, 2007 -- FreshBooks, which recently surpassed 100,000 "happy" business users, announced its December 2006 SMB invoicing and tech statistics.

In November, the company announced a free market data service for reporters, bloggers and analysts covering the small-to-medium-sized business and technology markets. FreshBooks' online invoicing and time tracking suite anonymously collects and aggregates data in real time, leveraging its Software as a Service (SaaS) model to deliver ongoing insight into trends in the Small Business Market.

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December 2006 Trends

For companies who accept online payments:

- November, 17.5% of payments were accepted online

- December, 14.7% of payments were accepted online

"This is a fairly significant month over month drop in the number of people who choose to pay their invoices online as opposed to sending payments via check. It looks like people conserved cash flow as the holidays approached."

Payment Methods:

- Visa: 17.3% in November, 16.5% in December

- Mastercard: 7.3% in November, 7.7% in December

- Amex: 4.0% in November, 4.2% in December

- PayPal: 5.3% in November, 5.6% in December

- Other (including check, cash, account credit, etc.): 66.1% in November, 65.9% in December

"The increase in PayPal and the drop in VISA may hint that customers monitored credit card spending with the holidays on the horizon. Customers may have accumulated funds in their PayPal accounts, which in a sense is 'easier' to spend, as it doesn't technically come straight out of the bank account."

For companies that send invoices by both email and by ground mail:

- In November, 96.0% of invoices were sent by email and 4% were sent by ground mail.

- In December, 95.9% of invoices were sent by email and 4.1% were sent by ground mail.

"Since August, which introduced the ability to send invoices through the US Post, we have seen increases in the percentage of invoices sent by ground mail climb every month. We believe that this trend will continue in 2007 until a balance is reached, but over a longer horizon the scale will tip in favor of electronic billing as more invoice recipients become comfortable with receiving electronic invoices."

Browser Usage:

- Internet Explorer 7 - November 9.68%, December 15.42%

- IE 6 - November 36.77%, December 34.78%

- Firefox 2.0 - November 24.51%, December 21.85%

- FF 1.5 - November 22.07%, December 17.61%

"Apparently Microsoft is back on track with IE 7 and stealing significant market share from Firefox."

Operating System Usage

- Windows - November 85.87%, December 86.97%

- Macintosh - November 11.41%, December 10.27%

- Linux - November 1.92%, December 2.09%

- Unix - November 0.06%, December 0.06%

"This may be an early sign that the market is anxious to experiment with Microsoft VISTA, but time will tell."


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