Natural Resources Television (IDNR-TV)

Natural Resources Television (IDNR-TV)

May 16, 2013 08:30 ET

A Decima Harris Survey Shows That Canadians Are in Favor of Having A Television News Channel Devoted to Natural Resources

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - May 16, 2013) - Nearly 60% of Canadians are in favor of having free access to a television news channel reporting on local natural resources. The survey conducted by the Harris Decima firm shows that respondents are favorable to such a service which brings them news on the major topics relating to the natural resources industry, mainly including the major trends and issues linked to the environment, to sustainable development, to relations with the First World Nations, to market fluctuations, to major events of the industry as well as to the latter's training and educational activities.

The results of the survey, which was conducted last April on behalf of IDNR-TV, the only television channel devoted to natural resources, were announced to the CRTC audience during a session discussing the broadcast of mandatory carriage television services in Canada. IDNR-TV said that the survey highlighted the serious concerns felt by the Canadians in relation to all what is linked to the progress of this strategic sector of the Canadian economy. Indeed, it was noted that the majority of residents of the Maritime Provinces (67%), British Columbia (64%), Ontario (63%) and Quebec (51%) showed their interest in the channel's programs which are only available in Abitibi and in a minor part of the territory of the North Shore, namely in Fermont.

IDNR-TV considers it normal and reasonable to believe that an industry which generated in 2010, for example, 11.5% or 142.5 billion dollars of the gross domestic product (GDP) and which secures direct employment to 763,000 people* per year can raise great interest among audiences and TV fans in Quebec and Canada as a whole.

The IDNR-TV team sees in the fact that the audience interest is not influenced by the age, sex, status, income or education level of respondents a clear indication of the universal character of the interest expressed by those participating in the survey among which only 2% preferred not to answer.

IDNR-TV reported that the station wants to be the ideal medium promoting this leading industry from a different perspective, while it remains free of any prejudice and preconception and free of misinformation to which the industry was often subjected. The editorial independence of the organization is an essential corporate and professional value which is recognized not only by all of the industry stakeholders, starting with the partnering companies, but also by the audience itself.


The IDNR-TV management concluded by stating it is convinced that this free service may also be greatly beneficial to college and university clientele, thus contributing to the demystification of an economic activity which is beset by multiple prejudices fuelled by legends and circumstances of another bygone era.

In addition, IDNR-TV said it was hoping to see the leaders of Canada's major cable companies finally understand that it is in the interest of all to offer the channel's programs for free to Canadian audiences across the country.

*source RNCan

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