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October 19, 2010 10:45 ET

Decker Communications Announces Made to Stick Messaging Program

Interactive One-Day Program Designed to Create Sticky Messages

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 19, 2010) - Decker Communications Inc., the expert in consulting and training businesses in communications, announced its Decker Made to Stick Messaging Program, a one-day interactive workshop designed to make ideas stick with customers, co-workers, bosses, and stakeholders. With over 30 years of experience in business communications, Decker joined forces with Chip and Dan Heath, authors of best-sellers "Made to Stick" and "Switch" to provide professionals with the tools and framework necessary to create sticky messages. The program is intended for leaders, sales people, engineers, and managers -- anyone who must persuade and convince others to action.

Creating messages that stick is not rocket science. But, it is incredibly difficult because of what behavioral economists and psychologists call the "Curse of Knowledge." As professionals become more of an expert in their field -- whether in technology, finance or medicine -- it becomes even more difficult not to know what they know. As a result, messages do not translate well to the audience, especially when the audience is outside of the organization.

"In the financial services sector we are a victim of the 'Curse of Knowledge.' We use terms such as 'disciplined process,' 'independent perspective,' 'risk aware,' firmly believing our customers understand what we are communicating," said Jean Dunn, vice president and client advocate at T. Rowe Price. "For an industry that has historically been resistant to change, it was easy to apply the principles we learned at the Decker Made to Stick Program to retell the T. Rowe Price story in a simple, yet effective way."

The key to creating sticky messages
Creating sticky messages can be learned. It's not necessary to have an advertising background, or be born with creative DNA. A simple, easy-to-use framework can ensure messages resonate with any audience. At the Decker Made to Stick Messaging Program attendees learn how to incorporate the Decker Grid™, a methodology for organizing relevant, compelling content with the Heath brothers' SUCCESs Model, the six principles that are integral in creating sticky messages -- Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, and Story.

"Decker has a long history and strong reputation in communications training. We partnered with Decker to provide a hands-on workshop where executives can apply the Decker and Made to Stick principles in a fun, interactive one-day program," said Chip Heath, co-author of "Made to Stick." "Decker has done an amazing job creating the Made to Stick Messaging Program. It's remarkable to see the transformation people make in just one day."

How Made to Stick Messaging Program works
Attendees come prepared to the one-day program with a pitch for an idea, product, service, or cause in mind. Each participant starts the day sharing their pitch with their peers, which is then videotaped and played back within their group. Over the course of the day, attendees receive peer and instructor feedback to refine and enhance their pitch using the Decker Grid and the SUCCESs Model. Towards the end of the program, each participant presents their revised pitch. Attendees review their before and after videos seeing firsthand the transformation that has taken place over just a few hours.

"We're extremely proud of this partnership and program. Helping companies with their messaging has always been a core element in our communications training. Our Decker Grid System is our 'secret sauce,'" said Ben Decker, president of Decker Communications. "Adding the SUCCESs Model was a natural extension for us. The program adds a level of focus companies can immediately benefit from."

Video highlights results of the Made to Stick Messaging Program
Since launching the program, Decker has conducted intact corporate programs for technology, finance, government, non-profit, and consumer products organizations. The results of the program are evident through the use of video recording each attendee's before and after pitch. 

Tamer Osman, CEO of RGlobe was a recent participant in the Decker Made to Stick Messaging program. Osman had the classic case of the "Curse of Knowledge." View Osman's 'before' video pitch of RGlobe here. His initial pitch lacked many of the SUCCESs principles, with the biggest area of improvement in concreteness. Like many technical executives, he used abstractions to describe the process for leveraging a partner, streamlined platforms, and private collaborative networks, but offered no concrete image of what the service offers. 

Osman worked on this pitch throughout the day applying the Decker principles. Check out his 'after' video here. Now Osman's pitch contains several of the SUCCESs Model principals, including simplicity, by using a great analogy to help his audience instantly understand it. "It's as simple to use as Facebook, but it's private and secure." To see a further analysis of Osman's before and after videos, please visit the Decker Blog.

 "The most thrilling part of the program is to see how participants immediately put the principles, exercises and feedback to work and then completely transform their message. One person scrapped his entire data dump of information and told a story -- it was one of the biggest transformations that we've seen," said Kelly Decker, executive vice president of Decker, who heads program development. "The icing on top is that each person walks away knowing how to apply what they've learned to any communication experience -- from presenting to a board or executive team or closing a deal with a customer all the way to rethinking their email. It's not just high-stakes communications that matter."

The results of the program have been so successful that Decker has added a Made to Stick component to its signature program Communicate To Influence™, a two-day workshop that focuses on both sides of communication -- behavior and content.

Learn how to create sticky messages
Decker is offering two upcoming Decker Made to Stick Messaging Programs: in New York on November 17 or the San Francisco office on December 10. The cost is $995 per person. To register, please visit In addition, programs can be customized and scheduled for corporate teams and held in Decker's San Francisco training office or client site. For more information, please contact

Starting October 19, Decker will run a contest on Facebook where professionals will have the opportunity to win a free seat at one of Decker's upcoming Made to Stick Messaging Programs. For contest details, please visit Decker on Facebook.

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