April 03, 2011 19:00 ET

Declare Your Modifications, Warns Swinton Commercial

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 3, 2011) - Swinton Commercial is warning van drivers to declare any modifications to their vans or their insurance policy could become invalid.

The UK's largest leading high street retailer of van insurance issued the warning after it saw a 10% increase in modifications to vans in the past three months. A Swinton Commercial survey of 1,200 online van drivers revealed that 15% had made modifications to their van but had not informed their insurer.

According to Swinton Commercial, the most popular modifications to vans are things like Alloy Wheels, a larger engine, or vehicle suspension. Other modifications include installing Frails, which secure items to the inside or outside of a van and ply lining which protects the interior of the van from interior dents which show up as bumps on the outside. Bulkheads can also be fitted which are made of solid metal, mesh or ply wood and stops items falling into the drivers cab in the event of sharp breaking.

Swinton Commercial is also warning van drivers that even very simple modifications such as signage on the side of a van need to be declared to the insurer. 

Phil Moss, Commercial Vehicle Manager at Swinton said, "There is nothing wrong with modifying your vehicle especially if it saves you money in the long run or makes your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing. However it is vital that you inform your insurer of modifications as failure to do so could result in van insurance quotes being invalid, leading to a costly payout in the event of a claim."

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