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Decorative Mezuzah Cases by -- the Latest Fad in Collectible Items & Judaica Artifacts

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NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 30, 2012) - Spring has finally arrived! Many of us will take the season change as a kickoff to "spring cleaning" and getting our homes into tip-top shape. Redecorating is frequently a favorite part of the process. A few small changes can make a huge difference. Here's a great idea -- jazz up your home by infusing it with little artsy and spiritual artifacts. Introducing: the mezuzah!

The mezuzah originates from the biblical precept to "write them on the doorposts of your house and within your gates." Inscribed with passages of the Torah that emphasize G-d's oneness and wisdom, as well as man's life purpose, the mezuzah is an emblematic representation of protection, belief, and connection. Today, the mezuzah has taken on a new dimension with artists focusing on the cases' beauty. is the perfect site to view beautiful, top-quality mezuzah cases. With a variety of choices ranging from blown glass to teak, and acrylic to soft metal, you are sure to find the right mezuzah or collector's item to add color and style to your home. Perhaps you would like a case that brings out the deep red hues in your sofa or one that adds some sparkle to an otherwise simple room?

Every home is a unique expression of its inhabitant's personality. A beautiful ornament sets the mood in the home, which is why artists all over the world have tasked themselves with designing and creating beautiful, meaningful home art.

With the goal of bringing top quality and artistic flare to the mezuzah market, Yitz Teitelbaum, an artist, opened in 2007. A New Jersey native, Teitelbaum became fascinated with airbrushing and fine art, honing his skills over the course of many years. His artistic eye led him to gift shop merchandizing, which soon became his career. In fact, it was during Teitelbaum's involvement with a Judaica gift shop that he became interested in the mezuzah, which he says is one of the most original and artistic pieces of Judaica one can own.

Gifted artists from around the world showcase their creations on the site. The highly sought-after crafts by the popular Gary Rosenthal Collection are featured, possibly most ingenious of which is the "Ani Ledodi -- Wedding Broken Glass Mezuzah." This truly remarkable mezuzah, wielded from various metals and fused glass, is a keepsake for the glass broken at its owner's chuppa wedding ceremony. His inspiration, he says, stems from "the rich history of the Jewish people which tells us it's a blessing -- a mitzvah -- to make beautiful, functional, art."

Other mezuzahs featured on the site are by CJ Art from Israel and are crafted using the timeless Jerusalem Stone. The "Murano Glass Mezuzahs" are made in Venice, Italy, the Murano glassblowing capital since the 10th century.

At, there is a piece of art for everyone. So much detail is put into each item; every mezuzah is a mini masterpiece.

Every homeowner has become a home decorator and art collector in his or her own rite. Therefore, Judaica art has taken on a new element of class and style. In this new age of Judaica art, the site features work by artists who have intertwined multiple materials and art media to form some of the most unique mezuzah creations.

There are hand-carved mezuzahs made of exotic and domestic hardwoods such as holly, maple, ebony, and cocobolo. Metals -- sterling silver and brass among them -- are welded to form intricate models. Still others are blown from crystalline glass, smalto (enameled glass), aventurine (glass with threads of gold), millefiori (patterned glass), and lattimo (milk glass). Some of the most exceptional pieces display embellishments such as filigree (a type of cane working), glass engraving, gold engraving, painted enamel, and gold plating.

The art distributors at appreciate the economical value of supporting American production, so although some of the Judaica art is imported from countries such as Italy and Germany, much of the products are made in the United States.

Since each home decorator has his or her idea of how to best dress up a room or entranceway of the home, provides a vast range of beautiful, unique mezuzah cases. There are so many styles to choose from and so many colors -- both soft and vivid. Individually crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the tones vary from warm to cool, with colors ranging from earthy shades of brown and cream to bright colors of aquamarine and ruby red. With every mezuzah case purchase, one also has the option of including a parchment inscribed with the biblical verses.

Use your special eye for design to choose a mezuzah that is perfect for you.

For more information or to purchase mezuzah cases, please visit or call 800-928-0604.

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