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September 04, 2013 09:00 ET

Dedicated to Health & Privacy, Optimal Fusion Launches Two New Websites

New Health-Focused Sites to Benefit Readers and Advertisers Alike

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - September 04, 2013) - This fall leading media company Optimal Fusion will launch Lady Lively and Weekly MD, two health sites dedicated to respective female and male audiences.

Lady Lively will address and provide comprehensive coverage for top health concerns amongst women including: breast cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, and autoimmune disease. Weekly MD will likewise address top issues concerning men, who on average die five years earlier than women. These issues include: heart disease, cancer, stroke, suicide, prostate and lung cancer.

"There was and is a need for more highly targeted health content from existing pharmaceutical, CPG, and health-based advertisers looking to increase the scale of their current display and lead generation campaigns with additional inventory and contextually relevant placements," says VP Zack Brown. "These sites are just that, with content that covers the most common and chronic illnesses to many minor infirmities."

More so, to tackle the exponential growth of chronic health concerns in the U.S., both Lady Lively and Weekly MD will offer individualized weekly email newsletters. Many of the top ten causes of death are preventable, and information is one key to early detection and/or prevention. Users will be able select their illnesses as well as other health concerns, and will be furnished with topical articles based on data profiles they provide.

The developments have taken into consideration growing consumer privacy concerns surrounding Behavioral Targeting whereby online user behavior is tracked, documented, and in many cases, saved for future advertising use.

"Our goal is to offer similar targeting capabilities for our clients, while protecting the privacy of our visitors as they navigate sensitive health topics," says Brown. "This is done through self-reporting from site visitors when they sign-up as members, rather than through cookie tracking and other undisclosed tracking methods that many similar sites employ."

In this capacity, the sites will provide pharmaceutical manufacturers the means to micro-target their intended audiences, while providing users with personalized and confidential aid. The customization improves user response and satisfaction.

The company's original health property, The Health Cast, will continue to offer universal health advice and information to its dedicated readers.

About Optimal Fusion:

Founded in 2006, Optimal Fusion is a leading integrated digital media company utilizing exclusive web properties and platforms to link brands and consumers through targeted-high-impact marketing solutions. Complementary sites include: WeeklySauce, WeeklyBite, LadyClever, WeeklyGrape, Playdate, TopCouponsToday, and TheHealthCast. Pairing their proprietary Custom-Content platform, their portfolio of internal properties and their social media prowess with cutting edge technology, Optimal Fusion cultivates a brand-safe environment perfectly situated to target relevant consumers.

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