SOURCE: Maureen Taylor

November 11, 2008 14:31 ET

Defeating an "Incurable" Illness -- Victim Describes How She Accomplished Her Own Recovery

"All Physicians, Patients, and Researchers Need to Pay Attention to Her Extraordinary Contribution," Famed Doctor Says

WAYNE, NJ--(Marketwire - November 11, 2008) - Ten years ago, Maureen Taylor, a real estate agent and former nurse, started experiencing bizarre changes in her health and her body. Her hands and feet began to swell to cartoonish proportions, her facial tissue hardened to produce a ghoulish caricature of her former self.

She spent two years scared and confused about these changes until she found a doctor who correctly diagnosed her disease: Scleroderma, an auto-immune disease which is grotesquely disfiguring, debilitating, which afflicts 300,000 Americans and kills hundreds every year.

Doctors told her the disease is caused by the production of too much collagen which hardens the connective tissue throughout the body -- skin, lungs, heart, and kidneys. They didn't know what caused it, and there was no cure.

But Maureen Taylor wasn't buying it. Taylor, author of "A Place to Go -- One Woman's Complete Healing of Body and Spirit" (, took hope from the fact she now knew what was preventing her from walking, causing constant pain and disfiguring every visible body surface -- and she became determined to beat it.

After a two-year search she found the first doctor to accurately diagnose her: Dr. Hal Whitman, a specialist in New York and New Jersey. The supervising physician throughout her trials, he provided her with conventional treatments including steroids and antibiotics. Dr. Whitman also helped her design a regimen which is considerably less toxic than strong medical drugs: Macrobiotic diet (no dairy, wheat, yeast, meat, sugar or caffeine), short walks gradually increasing in exercise levels, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi Chih, and more. But the remedy that pulled it all together, according to Taylor, was a strong emphasis on positive visualization.

Born in Ireland, Taylor now lives in New Jersey. She works full-time as a real estate agent and is still a part-time nurse. She is also a certified teacher in Tai Chi Chih and Qi Gong. To interview Maureen Taylor or request a review copy of "A Place to Go -- One Woman's Complete Healing of Body and Spirit," contact Rachel Friedman at (727) 443-7115 ext. 206 or email Please include your name, publication, and mailing address with your request.

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