City of Thunder Bay

City of Thunder Bay

April 17, 2007 13:52 ET

Defining Moment: New Plan to Transform Thunder Bay and its Waterfront

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 17, 2007) - Thunder Bay City Council tonight approved a $100 million Master Plan for Prince Arthur's Landing at Marina Park - a plan that promises to transform Thunder Bay's waterfront and realize the potential of the City's unique location on the shores of Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake.

"We will look back on this as a defining moment in the life of our community," says Mayor Lynn Peterson, comparing the impact of this plan on the community to the opening of the Northern School of Medicine, North America's first new school of medicine in 30 years, on Thunder Bay's knowledge-based economy. "Waterfront development is becoming a reality in Thunder Bay."

The Master Plan sets out a mixed use of the land including recreational, residential, commercial and retail. Approval of the plan paves the way for development to start, along with work to secure the necessary approvals and secure investment.

The City of Thunder Bay retained a consultant team led by Brook McIlroy Inc. Planning and Urban Design/Pace Architects to develop the Master Plan and urban design guidelines for Prince Arthur's Landing at Marina Park. BMI has received ten awards for urban waterfront revitalization projects in the past five years alone and engaged the Thunder Bay public in the design process.

"Over the past year, we have improved access to the Waterfront and have begun infrastructure projects to demonstrate that we are serious," said Councillor Mark Bentz, Chair of the Waterfront Development Committee. "The approval of our Master Plan is the first concrete step toward making our Waterfront a year-round destination for all to enjoy. With Council's approval in hand, we can actively begin to engage the private sector and other funding agencies to make this development a reality. We are confident that this is a great investment opportunity."

"This summer will see the construction of a world class Skateboard BMX Plaza that will bring a new energy to the park and later in the year we will begin construction on an expanded Marina that will create the room needed for private sector developments planned for Prince Arthur's Landing. We're steadily moving forward to make Prince Arthur's Landing at Marina Park a reality. This project will create a renaissance for Thunder Bay that will assist us in stabilizing and diversifying our economy."

Visit for more information and to view concept drawings.

Links: For more information about Ann Breen and the Waterfront Center,
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Attachments: Vision for Thunder Bay's 52 kilometres
Concept plan for Prince Arthur's Landing
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Prince Arthur's Landing at Marina Park

Thunder Bay, ON, April 17, 2007 - Here are just some of the highlights that
make this Waterfront Development project unique:

1. Thunder Bay City Council has invested $8.3 million up front in
Waterfront Development to leverage private and public sector funding.

2. Prince Arthur's Landing at Marina Park will provide opportunities for
private sector investment in a boutique hotel, two condominiums and a

3. Thunder Bay residents have accepted the plan with unrivalled
enthusiasm - more than 1,100 people from Thunder Bay and region turned
out on March 7 for the unveiling of the plan, or 1% of the City's
population. "I have never seen so many people at a Waterfront meeting,"
said Cal Brook, principal of Brook McIlroy Inc. Planning and Urban
Design who presented the Master Plan. His firm has been honoured
internationally with 12 awards for waterfront plans since 1999. The
two-hour presentation concluded with a warm ovation including some
members of the audience standing and cheering. Keynote speaker Ann Breen
of the Waterfront Center in Washington said the energy in the room was
"incredible" and a good sign that this is the "magic time" for Thunder
Bay's Waterfront Development.

4. A Waterfront Development Committee including five citizen
representatives developed a vision for the entire 52 kilometres of
Thunder Bay's waterfront. They invited the public to imagine our
waterfront 10 years from now - "connected, year round and ours to
celebrate." This plan includes the notion that the Trans Canada Trail be
routed to include the proposed waterfront trail along the 52 kilometres
of Thunder Bay's Waterfront.

5. The plan has resulted in four successive positive editorials in the
local papers: "The future is now" - The Chronicle-Journal, March 7;
"A Vision worthy of city's support" - The Chronicle-Journal, March 9,
"It's money well spent," - The Source, March 9, and "Waterfront action
required" - The Chronicle Journal, March 27.

6. The name Prince Arthur's Landing reflects the City's rich heritage.
Colonel Garnet Wolseley landed in May 1870 and chose the name Prince
Arthur's Landing in honour of Queen Victoria's younger son. The Prince
visited in May 1890. Prince Arthur's Landing was renamed Port Arthur,
which amalgamated with Fort William in 1970 to create Thunder Bay.

7. The public has been involved throughout the process including a day-long
"charette", or hands on design session, last June as well as numerous
deputation and open house sessions between then and March 2007.

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