SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

February 06, 2007 12:29 ET

Defrag: High Octane for Maximum System Performance

Automatic Defragmentation Software Ensures Your Business Doesn't Sputter to a Halt

BURBANK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 6, 2007 -- In today's fast paced business world, who doesn't want the highest system performance they can have? With the constant advancements in CPU technology, computers continue to play a vital role in getting the job done. However, there is a problem. No matter how fast your processor is, the money invested in its purchase could easily be wasted if you don't implement defrag software to address the weakest (slowest) link in the chain: Your computer's hard drive.

Believe it or not, the hard drive is the bottleneck in any computing system. And it doesn't matter how fast or how new that system is, the computer is going to slow down and have problems if the situation isn't fixed.

The question is what causes this slowdown? In a word: Fragmentation. Hard drive fragmentation is defined as pieces of files on hard drives that are not continuous but instead are scattered around the drive. Now, each time you access files, fragmentation continues to increase within them on even a larger scale. Eventually, the computer crashes, putting a dent in production.

Like sludge in a high performance vehicle, fragmentation quickly builds up on the hard drive and gunks up the works. Just like sludge, information can't flow properly, and system performance suffers. And, just like sludge, the wear and tear on your hardware leads to actual damage to the disk, meaning a failed drive and early replacement.

Of course, just like with any vehicle, regular scheduled "service" through the use of defrag software can prevent all this.

But now, here's the real kicker. What if your vehicle never broke down and always ran at peak performance for as long as you owned it? As unrealistic as this may sound, regarding computer maintenance, it's now a reality.

Truly automatic defrag software, such as the new Diskeeper 2007 by Diskeeper Corporation (, with its groundbreaking InvisiTasking™ technology, never needs scheduling. Instead, it completely wipes out all fragmentation on the system, and then, using super advanced real time technology, automatically keeps your system in a state of blazing speed and performance for the life of your system.

Once you experience the dramatic difference in the performance and stability of your system, you will wonder why you waited so long. Don't take chances with your valuable system. Install defrag software today and ensure maximum system performance and production from your computer for years to come.

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