November 09, 2015 09:00 ET

Deis Announces Helm

Deis Launches Helm, the Open Source Package Manager for Kubernetes That Improves the Way the Community Can Find, Use and Share Software Built for Kubernetes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2015) - Deis, the leading container PaaS, announced the launch of "Helm," the open source package manager for Kubernetes. Like all Deis projects, Helm is completely open source ( Helm is the best way to find, use and share software built for Kubernetes. Initial applications include: Postgres, etcd, Memcached, MySQL and Cassandra.

"The way Helm applies package management to Kubernetes is a novel concept that has the potential to make Kubernetes much more approachable," said Joe Beda, co-creator of Kubernetes. "I'm thrilled to see the Deis team tackle the curation and distributed sharing of Kubernetes workloads. It'll be a great way for new users to get started and more experienced users to learn from each other."

Helm aids developers in the creation of complex packages called "Charts." Charts include the core application service, its dependencies and everything required to simply load and run a complete workload on Kubernetes. Previously, Kubernetes workloads were hand generated and their construction was labor intensive. By providing common service definitions, lifecycle handling, health checking, and configuration, a Helm Chart serves the needs of many Kubernetes users, and is the open source foundation for many others. Details of a Chart's structure can be found at

The Helm project has provided a GitHub repository to store and facilitate open source collaboration and information on Charts. Charts in the archive will be usable as-is, and can also serve as a basis for further customization.

"We are thrilled that our team has been able to address the challenges around workload curation for the Kubernetes community," said Gabriel Monroy, CTO of Deis. "We will continue to add important Charts into the Deis Helm repo, and work with leading open source communities and software vendors to integrate their applications into Helm."

Helm is available for immediate evaluation and Deis welcomes contributions from the open source community. The project is online at:

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