Monsanto Canada Inc.

Monsanto Canada Inc.

July 02, 2015 13:29 ET

DEKALB® Brand Releases New Products for 2016

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwired - July 2, 2015) - The DEKALB® brand is pleased to announce the release of its line of new canola, corn and soybean products for the 2016 season.

These unique products incorporate superior genetics, advanced breeding techniques and innovative traits for maximum performance potential, providing growers with confidence that the DEKALB brand has a product solution to meet their needs.

75-65 RR: A hybrid with solid agronomics and improved pod integrity that offers the option for straight cutting.
75-57 CR: Offers clubroot protection as part of a well-rounded agronomic package.
75-45 RR: A unique combination of early maturity with strong yield potential.
DKC23-17RIB: Early maturing product with fast drydown.
DKC32-12RIB: Top end yield potential, good ear flex and performance under drought stress.
DKC37-93RIB: Strong all season; excellent seedling vigour all the way to superb late season appearance.
DKC40-35RIB: Versatile across all soil types and yield environments.
DKC48-56RIB: Widely adaptable hybrid with top end yield potential.
24-12RY: Well-suited to all row widths and soil types.
25-11RY: Best suited for heavier soils, fits well in no-till systems.
26-14RY: Well-suited to wider rows and heavier soils, very good field tolerance to phytopthora root rot.
28-15RY: Excellent emergence, very good field tolerance to phytopthora root rot.
29-62RY: Very adaptable variety, well suited to all row widths and soil types.
31-14RY: Well-suited to tougher growing conditions and no-till systems.
32-62RY: Phytopthora root rot stack trait, resistance to Rps 1c & 3a, resistant to sudden death syndrome.

Please visit or the DEKALB app for more information on these products, and find out how the DEKALB brand is helping turn yield potential into success through research and development, high-performing seed, agronomic expertise and customized advice and solutions.

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