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August 24, 2011 08:00 ET

DEKALB® Brand Seed Releases Yield Estimator App

Second Mobile App Complements First

GUELPH, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 24, 2011) -

Editor's note: a high res photo of the DEKALB Yield Estimator App is attached and available for use.

DEKALB® brand seed has released its second mobile application, the Yield Estimator App, which is available for download and use on a wide variety of BlackBerry® devices.

The DEKALB Yield Estimator App allows farmers to generate a yield estimate for their corn and soybean crops, based on the input of some simple crop-specific information. This new DEKALB app is available now for use during the 2011 growing season.

"The DEKALB Yield Estimator App is an excellent complement to our Plant Population Calculator App that was launched in 2010," says Marvin Talsma, DEKALB field agronomist. "Whereas the Plant Population Calculator is designed to help farmers at the beginning of the growing season, the Yield Estimator App is designed to support them as their crop develops and they approach the conclusion of the growing season."

To generate a yield estimate, farmers select the crop of interest to them and input row width and some crop specific information (i.e. variety, hybrid, beans per plant, harvestable kernels, etc.) to support the generation of a yield estimate for a particular corn or soybean field. The app supports single and multiple sample location data, with the result that both individual and average yield estimates across multiple locations can be tabulated. This allows the user to get a comprehensive yield estimate for their entire crop if they so choose.

"The Yield Estimator App is a location-specific, in-field tool that will help farmers assess the yield potential of their maturing crops as the season progresses," says Talsma. "This is the second mobile app for farmers provided by DEKALB and is another example of our commitment to providing farmers with technology and services to support their crop production needs."

The DEKALB Yield Estimator App is available in English and French and can be downloaded to a BlackBerry device by visiting

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