Monsanto Canada Inc.

Monsanto Canada Inc.

January 06, 2014 13:26 ET

DEKALB® Growers in Canada Win Big in DEKALB Corn and Soybean Yield Challenge

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwired - Jan. 6, 2014) - Once again, DEKALB® growers entered some record yields in the 2013 DEKALB Seed for Yourself Yield Challenge contest.

The 2013 challenge winners, and the DEKALB corn or soybean product they grew, are:


Steve Twynstra, Ailsa Craig, ON, averaged 250.4 bu/a with DKC52-59RIB
Peter Dimmers, Ingersoll, ON, averaged 280.3 bu/a with DKC50-45RIB
Andrew Dykstra, Clinton, ON, averaged 254.8 bu/a with DKC50-78RIB
Monoway Farms, Brussels, ON, averaged 234.4 bu/a with DKC43-47RIB
Jean Souligny, St Isidore, ON, averated 245.9 bu/a with DKC43-47RIB
Michel Meunier, St. Jean, QC, averaged 262.8 bu/a with DKC48-12RIB
Luc Dumaine, St-Hugues, QC, averaged 227.14 bu/a with DKC46-17RIB
Jim Doyle, Auburn, PEI, averaged 156.2 bu/a with DKC26-28RIB
Marvin Dyc, Roseisle, MB, averaged 166.2 bu/a with DKC27-55RIB
Don Toews, Winkler, MB, averaged 191.09 bu/a with DKC30-07RIB


Dennis Rivest, Woodslee, ON, averaged 78.8 bu/a with 31-10RY
Clefthaven Farms, Plattsville, ON, averaged 77.8 bu/a with 28-60RY
Willy Weys, Mooretown, ON, averaged 64.5 bu/a with 30-61RY
Corey Yake, Stouffville, ON, averaged 70.0 bu/a with 26-10RY
Ralph Lang, Shawville, QC averaged 71.2 bu/a with 26-10RY
Michel Patenaude, Marieville, QC, averaged 78.8 bu/a with 29-60RY
Sylvain Courchesnes, St-Zephirin de Courval, QC, averaged 67.5 bu/a with 27-10RY
Jeremy Stead, Hunter Riser, PEI averaged 53.4 bu/a with 25-10RY
Collin Shirtliff, Starbuck, MB, averaged 53.4 bu/a with 25-10RY
Doug Bartmanovick, Glenlea, MB, averaged 61.2 bu/a with 24-10RY

The Seed for Yourself Yield Challenge was open to growers of both DEKALB brand corn and soybeans, with one corn winner and one soybean winner from each of the ten DEKALB territories. Winners had the highest corn or soybean yields in their territory.

Ten growers will receive a prize of $3000 towards their seed purchases for 2014 and another ten will receive an all-inclusive trip for two to Costa Rica.

"Year after year, DEKALB customers are doing well with our products. We are proud to be able to provide farmers with consistently high-yielding, convenient to grow seed," said Denise Hockaday, DEKALB marketing manager. "Congratulations to all of the growers who entered the contest and chose to grow DEKALB brand seeds."

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