March 16, 2010 07:00 ET

Delayed Growth Is Growth Nonetheless for the Global Digital Signage Industry

New NSR Report Finds Out-of-Home Digital Display Networks to Generate 1.45 Million Sites and $7 Billion in Advertising by 2019

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) -  According to NSR's newest market research report, Global Market for Digital Signage, 2nd Edition, the Digital Signage industry as a whole continues to grow, albeit at rates much lower than were expected over the past 2-3 years. The industry has been quite severely impacted by the economic recession; however, deployments continue and advertisers are gradually seeing the value of out-of-home media. NSR expects the 596,000 sites supported by third-party advertising in 2009 to grow to approximately 1.45 million sites by 2019.

Revenues from advertising have been hard to come by in the last two years, but networks supported by marketing budgets have grown steadily with estate owners recognizing the impact of the medium on consumers, especially in retail locations such as malls and supermarkets. Here, once again, the global industry for branded networks is expected to grow at a healthy rate of about 18.4% from its current estimated figure of over 77,000 sites in 2009. Advertising revenues meanwhile, as predicted in the 1st Edition, have risen past the billion dollar mark and are expected to grow from $1.68 billion in 2009 to well over $7 billion by 2019.

"Advertising budgets were slashed across the board in 2008 and early 2009, which has brought down revenue numbers for this market," stated Prashant Butani, Senior Analyst for NSR and author of the report. "However, for those networks that were able to establish a targeted audience base, and were present in locations of high dwell time, CPM figures have remained stable. Verticals like Healthcare in North America and Transportation in Asia are also still opportunities for steady growth." Gradual acceptance of the medium has kept the industry going through tough times, and despite some consolidation and shake-out, major players have emerged stronger after the downturn.

This new NSR report focuses on networks consisting of digital displays used for third party advertising as well as for branded communications and provides a study of ten major verticals served by these networks across five major geographies of the world. Data from over 250 companies forms a core of the research, and additionally the report provides a comprehensive set of Excel tables and charts that allow readers to quantify every aspect of the market for Digital Signage networks.

When asked, what makes this report different from the others currently available, Butani added, "NSR has always gone a step beyond the status quo with every research effort, including those focused on the Digital Signage market. With the 2nd Edition report we deliver over 5,000 unique data points that quantify the market from every possible perspective. There are very few offerings on Digital Signage market research that can claim to have such comprehensive data sets."

About the Report
Global Market for Digital Signage, 2nd Edition is a multi-client report now available from NSR. The report forecasts the sites, screens, players, CPMs and revenues associated with the Digital Signage market in each region, examines the market trends behind advertising and brand based digital signs and includes a complete set of forecasts for 10 verticals and 5 regions over the next 10 years. As one of the most data-intensive studies on the Digital Signage market today, over 5,000 unique data points are a part of the Excel file that accompanies the report. For additional information on this report, including a full table of contents, list of exhibits and executive summary, please visit or call NSR at 617-576-5771.

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