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December 03, 2010 06:40 ET

Delays, Standstills and Cancellations: Jesse Young CEO of Per DM Considers Whether the Government Has Learnt From the Previous Mistakes of Last Year?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 3, 2010) - Anyone who began the day by scraping a windscreen in the icy dawn won't need telling, but frost, ice and the threat of the first heavy snow of winter has arrived. If the gloomiest predictions of the forecasters come true, and Per DM certainly hope not, tonight could see the start of the earliest significant snowfall since 1993.

With temperatures unlikely to rise much above zero and possible further snowfall predicted, transport bosses have supposedly moved quickly to prepare the capital for the effects. Representatives have stated once again that "Transport for London has well developed plans to deal with cold weather, which we will put into action as necessary, working closely with our partners in the London boroughs, the emergency services and Network Rail." Per DM's Jesse Young believes the hard working citizens of the UK however, will beg to differ!

London Underground Tube passengers faced major delays due to signalling problems yet again today, due to severe weather conditions. Furthermore, persistent morning rush-hour delays engulfed the National and London Over-ground lines, resulting in hundreds of London inward bound travellers cancelling their work commute all together. Moreover, other transport options felt the knock on effects with virtually no taxis on the streets and many buses continuing to be diverted to avoid the iciest roads.

Jesse Young of Per DM, like many business owners across the country continues to feel the frustrations of the weather. "It is not so much the weather that is the issue, but the sheer lack of planning and preparation yet again from the transport sectors across UK this week" he declares. Jesse Young like many has observed the similarity to the downfalls by the government last year, "the under estimation from the government has cause severe and for many companies crippling effects on their businesses".

Jesse Young goes on to say, "Last week we were given clear early warnings from the Met Office that a very serious cold snap was coming, nevertheless we as a country have been let down by the Government!" Regardless the United Kingdom have shown their strengths as a nation and found ways around the current 'weather versus transport' debacle. Many of us have shown a real "Never-say-die" attitude, mums' dad's, teachers and city professionals are continuing to do what they can to rise the weather obstacles and maintain their daily routines to the best of their abilities.

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