Central Asian Minerals and Resources PLC

December 01, 2014 02:00 ET

Delisting from the ISDX Growth Market

                                                                                                1 December 2014
                                   Central Asian Minerals and Resources PLC
                                          ("CAMAR" or the "Company")
                                     Delisting from the ISDX Growth Market

Trading in CAMAR's ordinary shares of nil par value ("Ordinary Shares") was suspended on the ISDX Growth Market
on  30 May 2014. The suspension followed the publication of the Company's audited results for the year ended 31
December  2013,  which contained a Disclaimer of Opinion from the Company's auditors as  they  were  unable  to
obtain  sufficient  appropriate  audit evidence relating to the Company's  investment  in  the  joint  venture,

Pursuant to the ISDX Growth Market - Rules for Issuers, ISDX may withdraw the securities of a company from  the
market  once  the  securities  have  been suspended for six months. The Company's  discussions  with  potential
investors and the Tajik Government have continued since 30 May 2014, but it has not been possible to  make  the
progress necessary to return the Company's Ordinary Shares to trading.

Accordingly, CAMAR's Ordinary Shares will be withdrawn from the ISDX Growth Market with effect from  the  close
of business today, 1 December 2014.

Following the withdrawal of the Ordinary Shares from trading on ISDX, the Company will no longer be required to
comply with any of the specific corporate governance requirements for companies admitted to trading on the ISDX
Growth Market and the ISDX Rules will no longer apply to the Company. The Company will, however, remain subject
to  the  City  Code of Takeovers and Mergers. It is the Directors' current intention to maintain an appropriate
level  of corporate governance by keeping Shareholders informed by distributing copies of the Company's  annual
accounts and by announcing material developments on the Company's website, www.camarplc.com.

The  principal  effect  of the withdrawal will be a reduction in the marketability of  the  Company's  ordinary
shares as there would no longer be a formal market mechanism enabling Shareholders to trade their shares on the
ISDX Growth Market.

However,  the  Directors  have arranged for the Ordinary Shares to be traded on J  P  Jenkins'  share  matching
service (www.jpjenkins.ltd.uk) after the withdrawal takes effect.

J  P  Jenkins  provides  a  trading facility matching buyers and sellers of shares  in  unlisted  and  unquoted
companies.  JP  Jenkins  is one of the most respected and established European platform exchange  for  unlisted
securities and traces its roots back to the USM segment of the London Stock Exchange. Shareholders of companies
which are listed on JP Jenkins can use their existing stockbroker to place limit orders with JP Jenkins.

The Directors of CAMAR are responsible for the contents of this announcement.


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