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February 18, 2015 10:00 ET

Delivering the Power of Process: Intalio Announces Version 7.5 of Intalio|bpms

New Release Focuses on Delivering Rapid Business Impact

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - February 18, 2015) - Intalio, the leading provider of solutions for organizations to build modern process applications, announced the release of Intalio|bpms version 7.5. With this release, businesses have unprecedented, real-time visibility into business processes and the ability to make changes on the fly. Intalio|bpms 7.5 delivers the promise of the "agile enterprise" that enables companies to respond quickly to market change and customer needs. Impactful business change often starts with Intalio.

"Organizations recognize the benefit and the power of process automation and the impact it can have on business practices. With Intalio|bpms 7.5, we are putting the power of the processes in the hands of the people who best know when, where, and why to implement business-boosting processes: the user," said Raj Jain, CEO of Intalio. "Intalio|bpms empowers business users to improve their business every day."

Release 7.5 of Intalio|bpms includes over 700 new features, enhancements, and refinements, enabling business users with:

  • New end-user self-service reporting. Business users can create, design, customize and manage their own reports right from their web user portal with ad-hoc reporting. Intalio|bpms 7.5 offers a powerful and highly intuitive reporting wizard.
  • New web-based rules editor. Business users can now update business rules on the fly using the Business Rules Web Editor. The editor offers a fully functional business rules development environment to either modify existing rules or define new ones nearly instantly.
  • Enhanced integration. Business users can create complex integration modules using Intalio|ESB, a powerful web-based platform that can be used to connect different heterogeneous systems and transform data between them.
  • Faster results. Users can now design processes faster and easier than ever. Intalio|bpms 7.5 includes over 200 customer- and partner-driven updates and enhancements to the Intalio|bpms Designer that improve overall user experience.
  • Greater platform control. Administrators can maintain roles outside of the Active Directory (AD) to enable broader use of Intalio|bpms. Administrators can manage roles without depending on any external party and can expose single process applications to external parties without having to provide AD credentials.
  • More collaboration. Users can build better collaboration throughout the entire organization with User Hierarchy.
  • Improved ease-of-use. Increase adoption of process apps with Intalio's portal personalization. Users can now set and manage their individual portal to fit personal needs and preferences, thus encouraging interaction with colleagues and process applications.
  • Rapid access and compliance with single sign-on Integrated Windows Authentication.

"Our industry-leading clients in manufacturing and healthcare have been delighted with Intalio|bpms, and with the significant improvements to the end-user experience -- including self-service report design and web-based business rules maintenance. This new release further empowers business users to rapidly adapt to changing business needs. We are excited to introduce Intalio|bpms 7.5, and the value it brings, to our clients," said Neil Simpson, founder and principal of Innovelocity.

Intalio|bpms 7.5 is a major milestone that reinforces the world-class process development framework of Intalio|bpms, and offers business users market-leading insights into their daily business operations.

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