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Delivra Unveils Engagement Segmentation Tool

October 29, 2009 06:05 ET

Delivra Launches Email Marketing With Social Media Tracking

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - October 29, 2009) - Delivra (, one of the original email marketing software companies that works with the nation's leading brands, today announced robust tracking capabilities for email marketing content shared via social media. The data collected through Delivra's tracking integration enables marketers to measure the viral appeal of their messages and makes email marketing more effective.

Delivra's new social media linking and tracking integration tracks exactly which recipients are sharing which emails, from which email campaigns, to which social networks, and how many people on each network viewed the content, beyond the original recipient.

Actionable tracking data is available to marketers in reports so marketers can use this information to modify email campaigns and to identify list members whose sharing behavior makes them the most valuable targets. For example, if recipients share a company's content on Twitter, marketers can invite them to become followers of their brand on Twitter. If a particular recipient is generating a lot of page views of an emailer's content on Facebook, then the marketer can engage with the customer differently than with a subscriber who hasn't opened messages in months.

"Social networks are an excellent path to continue a dialogue with your most engaged audience, and email is a logical starting point for that conversation," said Neil Berman, president of Delivra. "We're taking it a step further and enabling clients to send targeted, personalized messages based on recipients' behavior in the social media realm."

"Sharing email content via social media helps spread our message faster and more effectively. Best of all, it adds credibility because our audience spreads the word, essentially endorsing our message," said Paul Lushin, owner, Lushin and Associates, Inc. "With social media linking, our message reaches a larger audience, creates more awareness for our business, and makes us accessible to people outside of our normal reach."

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