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March 25, 2008 10:09 ET

Delphi Assembling an Array of Answers for 2008 Mid-America Trucking Show

Delphi Showcasing Electronics and Safety in Addition to Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Capabilities

TROY, MI--(Marketwire - March 25, 2008) - Heading into this week's Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) Mar. 27-29 in Louisville, KY, attendees may question which Delphi Corp. (PINKSHEETS: DPHIQ) technologies are applicable to the commercial vehicle industry. After spending just a little time at Delphi's booth, they will leave surprised at the depth and variety of Delphi's commercial vehicle applications.

"MATS is the industry's largest show, and we're thrilled to showcase Delphi's cutting-edge products to these informed, enthusiastic and motivated attendees," said Jeff Owens, president of Delphi Electronics and Safety. "Delphi will showcase products that consumers demand in vehicle safety and mobile connectivity, as well as alternative power sources. And, each can be seamlessly integrated into vehicles."

Currently on tap to appear in Delphi's booth at MATS (Booth #24075 in the North Wing Lobby) are the following technologies:

--  Cargo Sensing -- When added to a mobile asset tracking system, the
    Delphi cargo detector takes the "guess-work" out of knowing whether a
    trailer is empty or loaded. Using infrared illuminators, the Delphi cargo
    detector sensor easily verifies the presence of cargo in the trailer.
--  Commercial Vehicle Integrated Safety System (CVISS) -- Automotive
    industry studies have shown that giving a driver just one extra second of
    warning time can help prevent many accidents. Delphi’s active safety
    products are designed to help give drivers a little more time to react to
    potentially hazardous situations. Integrating proven active safety
    functions, a single display provides drivers alerts and information about
    system functions while helping to reduce cost.
--  High Value Telematics -- Offering global M2M connectivity, Delphi’s
    satellite communicators use the ORBCOMM’s low-earth-orbit satellite network
    to provide a cost- effective way to deliver information. Also in
    development are similar products for the CV market that will operate over
    terrestrial networks.
--  All Hazard Public Alert -- Addressing the demand for location-based
    weather and other critical emergency alerts, All Hazard Public Alert
    automatically tunes to the National Weather Radio station appropriate to a
    vehicle’s position and provides location-based alerts whether the radio is
    on or off.
--  Data Connectivity -- Technologies that enable commercial vehicles to
    do more than ever before -- notify drivers of mechanical or electronic
    problems, reroute themselves around stopped traffic or congested highways,
    send email messages to notify owners of an equipment malfunction or
    collision, and entertain drivers and passengers with music, movies and
    video games -- are coming into the marketplace at an accelerating pace.
    Delphi's Data Connectivity Systems enable OEMs to bring these technologies
    inside truck cabs and sleeper compartments. Delphi's Data Connectivity
    Systems can accommodate multiple consumer interfaces and link various
    systems within the vehicle, transforming cabs and sleeper units into multi-
    functional, on-the-road communications/entertainment centers.
--  Commercial Vehicle Key Fobs -- Delphi's latest key fob offering is a
    bi-directional key fob that provides car-to-user and user-to-car
    communication informing the user about the status of various functions in
    the car. Deep expertise in vehicle wireless communication enables Delphi to
    offer optimum range performance to the OEM. Delphi's bi-directional key fob
    system provides long-range possibilities for car-to-user communication. The
    bi-directional key fob has a range of up to 1 km (open-air) and 250 m (from
    within buildings). The system allows users to lock and unlock doors, open
    trunks and operate panic buttons. It can also feature remote start and
    display vehicle status through a new E-Ink electronic paper display.
--  Reconfigurable Switch Banks -- Providing OEMs and fleets the
    flexibility to meet specific customer’s requirements with plug-and-play
    versatility, Delphi switch banks allow frequently-used switches to be
    conveniently located closer to the driver.
--  Sleeper Control Panels -- Integrating multiple sleeper functions into
    one module, this Delphi innovation helps make the sleeper more functional
    for drivers while reducing cost and mass.
--  Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) --  One of the Delphi's newest
    technologies, the SOFC auxiliary power unit is a high-efficiency,
    environmentally friendly device that converts the chemical energy in
    conventional vehicle fuels -- such as gasoline, diesel fuel and bio-
    diesel -- directly into useful electrical power. For commercial
    vehicles, Delphi's SOFC auxiliary power unit directly improves vehicle
    fuel economy and emissions by reducing the need for engine idling.

In addition, Delphi radios will be on display in Pana-Pacific’s booth. The leading national distributor of integrated applications and services for the OEM trucking industry, Pana has distributed Delphi audio systems since 2004.


The 37th Annual Mid-America Trucking Show is shaping up to be the largest show ever. More than 100 companies have signed on to take part in the 2008 show. The demand for exhibit space at Mid-America has increased to the point that MATS will once again be using Broadbent Arena in addition to the newly renovated North Wing, South Wing, East Hall, West Wing, Pavilion and Lobby Areas. All told, the show will encompass more than 1 million square feet of indoor air conditioned exhibit space and more than 200,000 square feet of outdoor exhibits and events.

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