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January 19, 2010 14:28 ET

Delphi 'Greens' Stationary Air Conditioning Market; Strengthens Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Portfolio With New Products, Updated Technology

Company Launches MCHX® Evaporator and Second Generation MCHX® Condenser at AHR Show

TROY, MI--(Marketwire - January 19, 2010) - If every U.S. household were equipped with a Delphi MCHX® condenser, there would be 120 million less pounds of air conditioning refrigerant in the atmosphere. Furthermore, those households would achieve the same high level of performance and comfort to meet their heating and cooling needs.

With the industry and government focus on green building and making homes more energy efficient, Delphi's family of MCHX® heat exchangers using micro channel technology can help bring 'green' into homes, offices and schools without compromising comfort.

Delphi's MCHX® heat exchanger technology uses a compact design that is more efficient than traditional tube-and-fin heat exchangers. The system joins three key components -- the flat micro-channel tube, the fins and two refrigerant manifolds -- together in a single coil. The optimized coil design provides a high rate of heat transfer while maintaining low air-side pressure drop. This compact design and optimized coil makes it highly-efficient without cutting any performance.

Delphi MCHX® Heat Exchanger Benefits

Delphi's MCHX® heat exchangers technologies help OEMs meet higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) requirements in a smaller package. Delphi can also help OEMs meet the required minimum 13 SEER while still maintaining the same size package as a 10 or 12 SEER unit.

"All of this means greater energy efficiency, increased heat transfer, smaller, lighter packaging and reduced refrigerant usage compared to traditional tube and fin designs," said Charlie Clevenger, product line director, Delphi Residential and Commercial Heat Exchangers, Delphi Thermal Systems.

Because Delphi's MCHX® heat exchanger are at least 30 percent smaller than other residential heat exchangers, customers will also see the additional benefits of less storage space, easier installation and greater aesthetics for their end customers.

"Additionally, all Delphi micro channel products use up to 40 percent less refrigerant, which helps OEMs cut costs while still helping the environment," said Clevenger. "And since the micro channel products are 100 percent aluminum and easy to recycle, they provide a much greener solution to address today's environmental concerns."

Delphi has been leading micro channel technology efforts since the debut of its micro channel condenser six years ago. The company is now adding to its micro channel portfolio with an indoor evaporator, second-generation condenser and soon to be developed outdoor heat pump coil.

New Micro Channel Evaporator

Delphi's new MCHX® evaporator is a specially-designed evaporator capable of performing both cooling and heating functions for both indoor residential and commercial settings. It is highly efficient and helps OEMs meet SEER and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) requirements in a smaller package.

Because of its innovative design, Delphi's MCHX® evaporator can operate efficiently in both condensing (heating) and evaporating (cooling) modes. It cuts 40 percent of the mass of a competitive product while still achieving SEER requirements. Like all Delphi micro channel technologies, it also reduces the amount of refrigerant needed in the system. With its all aluminum construction, Delphi's MCHX® evaporator also eliminates the issue of formicary corrosion, as seen with traditional copper tube evaporator coils.

"Given the success of our micro channel condenser technology in the HVAC market, our customers can also now benefit from this new introduction into Delphi's micro channel family," said Shri Joshi, chief engineer, Delphi Residential and Commercial Heat Exchangers, Delphi Thermal Systems. "Because of our 25 years of micro channel heat exchanger experience, we're quickly able to meet the demands of this market with energy-efficient, high-tech product offerings."

Second-Generation Micro Channel Condenser

Delphi is also launching the second generation of its successful MCHX® condenser. Launched in 2003, the original condenser utilizes Delphi's unique micro channel design, making it a compact but efficient heating and cooling option for OEMs.

Building on this success, Delphi is introducing an updated condenser with several enhancements that still provide top-notch performance while increasing product robustness and cutting installation complexities.

Production-ready and available starting second-half 2010, the new condenser utilizes an optimized alloy that is more corrosion resistant for outdoor applications.

"Delphi's second generation condenser still has all the same performance and efficiency benefits, but now it is more robust and easier for OEMs to install in their systems," said Chris Day, global sales manager, Delphi Residential and Commercial Heat Exchangers, Delphi Thermal Systems. "It also allows our product engineers to look toward further enhancements that will take the MCHX® condenser to the next step."

Delphi on Display at AHR

Billed as the world's largest HVAC&R event, Delphi is debuting both its new evaporator and second-generation condenser at the upcoming 2010 AHR Expo. AHR is being held Jan. 25-27 at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Fla.

The company will also detail further information about the upcoming micro channel heat pump coil at the Delphi booth -- No. 3778 in the N/S building.

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