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September 11, 2008 08:30 ET

Delphi Technologies Help Commercial Vehicles Become Greener, Safer and Better Connected

New Ultra-High Injection Pressure Common Rail Diesel Systems for Premium Medium- And Heavy-Duty Applications; Sensor Fusion to Increase the Effectiveness of Trucks Collision Warning Systems; New Commercial Vehicle Audio Systems Make Truckers Long Hauls More Enjoyable

PARIS--(Marketwire - September 11, 2008) - Delphi Corp. (PINKSHEETS: DPHIQ) will display its latest commercial vehicle offerings at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show, being held September 23 - October 2 in Hanover Germany.

Located in Hall 17, stand No. A06, Delphi will offer show attendees a glimpse of its extensive commercial vehicle product portfolio including technologies that help aid driver safety, cut fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. Delphi will also showcase several entertainment technologies that help make life on the road a little easier.

Products on display at Delphi's booth include:

New ultra-high injection pressure common rail diesel systems for premium medium- and heavy-duty applications

Delphi is unveiling its new ultra-high injection pressure common rail diesel systems for premium medium- and heavy-duty applications at the upcoming IAA Commercial Vehicles Show. The announcement of this industry-leading technology further supports Delphi's position as a leader in bringing increased injection pressure capabilities to the commercial-vehicle and off-highway market.

Delphi on track to bring fuel-flexible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) power system to market

Delphi's SOFC technology directly addresses increasingly stringent anti-idling legislation and other proposals addressing commercial truck emissions, noise and fuel consumption. SOFC auxiliary power systems would be utilized to provide electrical power when parked. Delphi's SOFC converts chemical energy in conventional fuels directly into useful electrical power without combustion. A SOFC operates quietly and at a higher efficiency level than traditional internal combustion engines. By limiting idling time and running a SOFC instead of the main engine, emissions are reduced, noise is nearly eliminated, and operators realize significant fuel savings. The new Delphi technology will have the capability of using a variety of fuels, including natural gas, diesel, bio-diesel, propane, gasoline, coal-derived fuel and military logistics fuel. In addition to its fuel flexibility, the SOFC will be compact in size.

Sensor fusion to increase the effectiveness of trucks collision warning systems

Delphi's active safety systems can help reduce the overall number and severity of commercial truck accidents by alerting truck drivers of impending danger when there are stationary or slower moving vehicles in the lane in front of his/her truck. Delphi utilizes sensor fusion (vision and radar) to increase the effectiveness of its collision warning system.

Electronic aids to prevent rear-end collisions

Delphi has the expertise to supply commercial vehicle producers with driver assistance systems that provide value and performance for vehicle manufacturers. A pioneer in the design and production of radar sensors for vehicles, Delphi successfully transferred radar technology from the aerospace industry to vehicles.

Delphi's newest generation of radar sensors have an attractive cost/performance ratio and provide electronically scanning radar sensors. This technological milestone was achievable through extremely fast switching components and very efficient signal processors. The processors process signals digitally. These processors are produced in standardized manufacturing processes enabling a sizable cost reduction. This has allowed Delphi engineers to achieve significant costs benefits to Delphi's active safety systems.

New Commercial Vehicle Audio Systems Make Truckers Long Hauls More Enjoyable

Delphi's reputation for providing audio systems that are "road-tough" with multi-functionality is making the Delphi entertainment and communications systems a favorite for OEM commercial truck manufacturers and fleet owners. Delphi has more than 72 years of experience in achieving optimum sound and quality for vehicle environments. Delphi's new audio system, available on Volvo Trucks, offers many features and has enabled Volvo to be the first truck maker to develop a complete system that integrates Bluetooth, MP3, USB and iPod. In addition to high-quality sound, Delphi audio systems equipped with Bluetooth technology allow the driver to use a personal Bluetooth-enabled mobile telephone in the vehicle hands-free. This feature helps to keep drivers' hands on the steering wheel and allows drivers to be more focused on the road ahead.

High efficiency climate control technologies ideally suited for CV applications

Delphi will also showcase several climate control technologies, including a high-efficiency fixed displacement compressor, a compact variable compressor (CVC) and a 16 mm condenser. With several displacement sizes available, Delphi's high efficiency CSP (Compact Swash Plate) compressors are ideally suited for many applications. Intelligent engineering at Delphi has yielded a compact, low-mass high efficiency CSP compressor that achieves maximized cooling capacity per unit mass and unit volume. In addition, its innovative design yields a smooth operating compressor with improved noise performance, enhancing its appeal among both manufacturers and vehicle owners. The cost-effective design is ideal for mobile or stationary commercial vehicle applications. Delphi's CVC, the next generation of variable displacement piston compressor technology, provides a one to two percent fuel savings versus fixed displacement. The enhanced mechanism performance makes the CVC adaptable to both pneumatic and electronic controls.

Electrical/Electronic Architecture can help protect the environment

Delphi's electrical/electronic innovations, such as the Delphi Battery Monitoring Device, can help commercial vehicle drivers save fuel and reduce CO² emissions. The Delphi Battery Monitoring Device combines an innovative IVT sensor with software that calculates the battery's state of health (SOH) and state of charge (SOC). It also alerts drivers to batteries that are in need of replacement or charging and helps to ensure optimal battery performance, making more electronic features possible while ensuring sufficient power for starting the engine. When integrated into a vehicle as part of an active energy management system, the Delphi Battery Monitoring Device can also help improve fuel efficiency and extend battery life.

New diesel injectors and pumps repair programmes for the medium and heavy-duty markets

Delphi will re-confirm its commitment to supporting its technology through the life of its parts by providing service in the aftermarket on its full range of diesel OE technologies including those in the medium and heavy-duty sectors. The latest additions to this service capability to be announced will be repair programmes for E1 type Electronic Unit Injectors fitted Hyundai and Volvo applications and DFP3 type Common Rail pumps for JCB.

New catalogue of Air Conditioning spare parts for Heavy-Duty applications

Air conditioning systems are becoming standard equipment on various heavy-duty vehicles such as, farm machinery, earth-moving and construction equipment. In order to cover these needs and the high potential market, Delphi is launching the new 2008/09 AC Heavy-Duty catalogue which includes a new range of Thermal Spare Parts (compressors, condensers, receiver driers, expansion valves, cabin air filters,) for Trucks, Buses, Tractors and Earth-moving equipment. The range covers manufacturers like Iveco, Man, Scania, Renault, Mercedes, Daf, John Deere, New Holland, etc. This European catalogue, available in September 2008, will include more than 150 Part numbers covering more than 1000 applications. The catalogue provides pictures for every product, a detailed application list with OE cross references and detailed technical tables. In addition, this range of products will be fully available in TecDoc in January 2009.

Press conference on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008, at 10:30 a.m. on Delphi stand (Hall 17, Stand No. A06) -- Hannover Messe, Germany

Please join Michael Gassen - Managing Director, Delphi Deutschland GmbH and Vice President Sales & Marketing, Delphi Powertrain Systems - for Delphi's press conference at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show.

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