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February 03, 2015 15:40 ET

DELSEY by Philippe Starck

DELSEY Launches New Collection by Philippe Starck

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwired - Feb 3, 2015) - In association with Philippe Starck, renowned French creator, designer and architect, DELSEY is reinventing the world of travel with the launch of STARCKTRIP, a new collection of luggage conceived on a single concept: intelligence in motion. Bold, original and innovative, leaving the fickle constraints of fashion behind to embrace timelessness.

This powerful series is one of Philippe Starck's most intriguing creations. Its unique look, authenticity and style make it the obvious choice for today's seasoned traveler. With this new line of luggage, DELSEY taps into each traveler's free spirit, essential for the realization of their own journey through the world they live in.


The STARCKTRIP collection is designed and conceived for simplicity's sake. Durable, timeless and incorporating discreet technology, each piece of luggage has been subjected to stringent quality tests and is guaranteed for life by DELSEY.

This collection is the result of a subtle marriage between design and the philosophy of Philippe Starck, utilizing the most advanced innovation, the best quality material and the highest standard of testing which only DELSEY has the know-how to conduct. And, although that technology is subtle to the naked eye, it defines adventurous travel, promising surprises as the traveler goes about their own personal adventures.


Technically, the use of the latest generation of materials assembled by a traditional method of fitting leather used by saddle craftsmen, makes the collection particularly sophisticated. The signature bags and suitcases display simple mathematical signs that evoke growth and positivity. The design is recognized by insiders, by people of elegance and intelligence who are familiar with Philippe Starck's work.


The subtle simplicity was created by the designer, with the greatest respect for the adage "less is definitely more." All redundant items were deleted.
The result is purity. And, with simplicity again in mind, the bags are designed with complete symmetry.


The collection includes unisex bags, for work, for formal trips or for relaxed weekends away. All bags have common traits that complement each other ... combine them at will.


The concept consistently runs through the complete range; with each item answering the needs of the journey, matching with other designs in the collection, as needed, according to the time of day and the group of people who are travelling.


The collection's unique identity is timeless. With a style that is a testament to the unmistakable essence of the great creations of Philippe Starck, this range comes with a global lifetime warranty.


Discretely, the bags and suitcases allow easy use and movement through the implementation of the latest ergonomic technology for comfortable dragging and carrying. Pockets, wheels and handles are all redesigned in a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing way.


The materials used take advantage of the latest technological innovations but manage to be discrete about it. Nanotechnology is used to protect the bags and cases, inside and out, from dirt and bacteria; fabric screens also protect against data theft; gentle plastic molded material provides unparalleled rolling comfort, smoothness and silence. In addition, anti-rain treatment of the surfaces ensures that you, the business traveler, keep your belongings dry at all times.


Over the years, there have been major changes in the way people travel and DELSEY has been able to adapt and reinvent itself, offering ever more functional creations that are innovative and lightweight.

Today, DELSEY is the second largest luggage brand worldwide. Operating in more than 110 countries, DELSEY remains true to its Parisian origins and history. This collaboration with Philippe Starck reaffirms its French roots in design and its commitment to service excellence.

"Collaborating with Philippe Starck was an obvious choice for DELSEY. Primarily because Philippe Starck is a creator, designer and interior architect of international renown and, above all, he is French. For over 65 years, DELSEY has offered world travelers luggage that delivers quality and daring French design. Furthermore, we share common values. His travel philosophy and its unique concept of intelligent transportation is perfectly aligned with our mission to always combine functionality and style. This new collection discretely incorporates our most advanced innovations, research and development, and expertise under his decidedly refined and sophisticated design, allowing us to create a range with inventiveness at heart."

ALBERT ENGLER, Brand and Design Manager DELSEY, France.

An iconic brand, DELSEY is a French company and a creator of baggage since 1946. For more than 65 years DELSEY has offered consumers cases which bring together quality and audacious design. DELSEY creates ingenious baggage designed to accompany travelers wherever they go and to adapt to all types of journey, both professional and personal. Its strength grounded in its expertise, the brand is behind numerous innovations recognized by important prizes in the design world. DELSEY brings together style and functionality to create products that reflect the personality of each consumer. Today DELSEY is present in all five continents and in more than 110 countries. A DELSEY bag is sold every 10 seconds.

Philippe Starck is an internationally-renowned French designer and architect. A citizen of the world, tireless and rebellious, he considers it a duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer planet, creating unconventional places and objects whose very purpose is to be "good" before being beautiful . Most of his designs have become cult objects, and his hotels are timeless icons that have added a new dimension to the global cityscape. A strong advocate of sustainability, this visionary pursues the development of his revolutionary concept of "democratic ecology" creating, among other things, affordable individual wind turbines, smart thermostats, homes from prefabricated innovative and environmentally-friendly wood which will soon be followed by solar boats. He lives with his wife Jasmine, mostly on a plane between Paris, Burano, and his oyster farm in the south-west of France.

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