June 20, 2012 10:56 ET

Demand Side Platform Enhances Suite of Element Level Targeting Solutions

Updated Multivariate Optimization, Search-A-Like Modeling, and First Party Data Targeting Are Among Enhancements Accelerating Platform Adoption

FORT WORTH, TX--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2012) -, the Demand Side Platform (DSP) that delivers the precision of element level targeting with the massive scale of Real Time Bidding (RTB), today announced several enhancements to its suite of solutions.

Element level search retargeting enables more precise targeting and drives improved performance and insights compared to the pre-built segment level targeting employed by most DSPs. Targeting at the element level allows adjustments at the keyword level instead of the segment level. Implemented changes have resulted in a dramatic increase in the speed at which campaigns scale and achieve performance-based goals such as CPA, CPL and ROAS.

The platform's unique and proprietary data architecture enables efficient bidding, optimizing, and reporting at the most granular data point available across over 500 billion monthly bid requests, 7 billion monthly search queries, and over 10 thousand campaigns.

The enhancements now available to clients include:

  • Next Generation Automated Multivariate Optimization
    • Leverages data elements, such as individual keywords searched, individual keywords present on current page, or granular first party data elements such as SKUs viewed in order to determine whether to bid and/or how much to bid on each available impression for each campaign.
    • Delivers significantly improved ROAS, CPA, CTR, and/or CPC performance.
  • Search-A-Like Modeling
    • Increases reach of campaigns by targeting additional users that have performed searches on terms favored by converters.
    • Improves performance of campaigns by adding high-performing keywords.
  • First Party Data Targeting at the Element Level
    • More precise form of client retargeting enables targeting by very granular client actions.
    • Powered by either online or off-line data.
    • Delivers improved ROI and deeper insights.
  • Dynamic Ads Driven Off of the Individual Keywords Being Searched
    • Expands dynamic creative use, which is commonly used in site retargeting campaigns, to now include search retargeting campaigns.

Campaigns run on the platform can be executed by's client services team, through's self-service user interface, or via's full-workflow API. "The latest evolution to our platform is increasing client satisfaction scores, accelerating client renewal rates, and exceeding client CPA benchmarks. In addition, many clients are taking advantage of our fully managed campaign setup and optimization services without sacrificing transparency on media cost and keyword level functionality," said James Moore, CRO.

About is a new class of demand side platform that provides more granularity, more transparency, and greater performance than first generation DSPs. The platform is built to manage unstructured element-level data, a capability that powers best-in-class search retargeting, highly granular site retargeting, keyword contextual targeting, our algorithmic optimization, and many other features. The platform also has the ability to integrate with leading 3rd party brand safety providers for clients desiring page level security. By combining the effectiveness of search marketing with the reach and the brand impact of display advertising, we the lives of online advertisers. To get started, contact us at leads(at)simpli(dot)fi or + 1-800-840-0768. Questions about this release should be directed to Katie Grayson, kgrayson(at)simpli(dot)fi.

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