October 16, 2013 21:12 ET

DEMO Fall 2013 Kicks Off With Innovative Tech & Tools for Mobile, Cloud, Health, Work and More

Attendees Hear Insights From Waze, Evernote, and U.S. State Department Leaders

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 16, 2013) - IDG's DEMO Conference, world-renowned for launching the most innovative technology products, officially began today by featuring ground-breaking innovations and product launches in the mobile, cloudware, health, work, and tools categories from companies across the globe.

Erick Schonfeld, executive producer of DEMO, and Neal Silverman, DEMO's senior vice president and general manager, kicked things off by welcoming a packed audience of technology innovators, decision-makers, press and venture capitalists to the 23rd year of DEMO.

"We traveled the globe -- Moscow to London -- to find this year's group of demonstrators," said Schonfeld, executive producer of DEMO. "Some are seasoned entrepreneurs, some students with a dream, but they'll all take the same stage and be given the opportunity to make history over the next two days."

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The conference's increasingly popular Founder School programming for Day One featured insights from Di-Ann Eisnor, head of U.S. operations for Waze (a DEMO Fall 2009 alum recently acquired by Google for $966 million); thoughts from Dr. Michael Chui and Kara Sprague, McKinsey & Company on the different growth phases of software businesses; straight talk from Jody Holtzman, AARP, on investment strategy; cloud insights from Dr. Vishal Sikka, SAP; using prototyping to grow a business from Ayr Muir, CEO, Clover Foods; and lessons from Evernote CEO Phil Libin on the qualities of enduring companies.

New to this year's DEMO Conference, the DEMO Global Showcase honored winners from this year's DEMO Africa and DEMO ASEAN today, offering a glimpse of how startup culture is spreading around the world.

The DEMO conference is a bi-annual event that works with companies across the world to present innovations representing the full spectrum of the technology product life cycle -- from concept to product launch -- in 10 categories to the DEMO audience. Demonstrators from both emerging and established companies have four minutes to present their technology, and then receive four minutes of immediate feedback from established founders of companies in their category.

Today's DEMO Fall 2013 product debuts included a cloud platform that enables any software application to run in a web browser without plugins; a mobile app that lets you privately share your camera roll with friends who were at the same events; a weight loss game; a work platform that brings together social, contacts, tasks, newsfeeds and email; and an emotion recognition software that uses a webcam to read user expressions as they interact with -- and react to -- online video and other media.

Technology Highlights from Day One included:

Context Browser from HereCandy - Context lets users discover and share content based on unique, personalized interests from your location and social feeds and share directly with people in your social graph, and browse the web on your mobile device.
Magisto from Magisto - This cloud-based service lets users create and share professional quality personal movies. It automatically selects the most compelling moments and, like an expert video editor, weaves them together to convey a story with customized styles and music.
shoto from shoto - shoto lets you share without thinking; the app automatically shares your camera roll privately with your friends that were at the same occasions. The app uses your phonebook, smart algorithms and simple privacy control to determine who can see your photos.
SnoopWall from SnoopWall, LLC - The world's first counterveillance software, SnoopWall, helps consumers, families and enterprises protect personal privacy on all of their computing devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
Ve-Go from Ve-Go Mobile Apps, Inc. - Ve-Go is a mobile-first, cloud-based distribution platform focused on the hospitality industry. Ve-Go delivers a mobile solution to increase guest satisfaction and profitability for hotel owners and operators. Ve-Go provides industry-leading functionality offering real-time, meaningful interactions between hotels and their mobile travelers.

CIBI (Cerebrate Integrated Business Intelligence) from Cerebrate Inc. - CIBI is an integrated BI solution that offers storage, data integration, analytics and innovative visualizations in either a SaaS or on-premise option to convert raw data into actionable insights.
idealAsset - idealAsset offers the intellectual property commercialization industry's first enterprise software application for matching buyers and sellers of intellectual property. Designed to bring transparency and efficiency to a market dominated by lawsuits, idealAsset's solution helps businesses and universities sell and buy assets quicker.
MAINFRAME2 from MAINFRAME2 - This cloud platform enables any software application to run in a web browser -- with no plugins required -- making it easier for software vendors and enterprises to transition to the cloud.
ScriptRock from ScriptRock - ScriptRock is a QA Automation platform for DevOps, allowing IT application and operations teams to scan, compare, and control their application configurations in the datacenter or cloud.
SigmaGuardian from Warwick Analytics - This early warning and prevention system is a quasi-real time, data-driven root cause analytical software for manufacturing that uses non-statistical algorithms specifically designed for incomplete and dirty data.

BedScales from Genetrainer - BedScales replaces your bathroom scales and analyses your sleep. Pressure pads go under the legs of your bed and weigh you every night, as well as recording your sleep. Data is automatically uploaded to the BedScales website, where users can see how daily activities affect sleep and weight.
Hello Doctor™ from Hello Doctor - Hello Doctor™ is a mobile application that lets users manage medical records from multiple sources. Organized in SmartLists™, the simple navigation options give users easy, real-time access to all the information they need to better control their health.
Pictrition from Pictrition - This weight loss game leverages the powerful mechanics of a food journal without having to tediously input every detail of a diet. Users can track their diets by simply taking pictures of the food they eat, and can also earn points for choosing healthier options, as well as compete with friends and family.
RealClarity from SoundFest, Inc. - This mobile app works with a wireless earpiece and microphone to help users hear better by filtering noise and clarifying speech in real-time.
Seratis from Seratis - This app brings together the entire patient care team) on a smartphone, allowing them to communicate and monitor all tasks related to patient care.

Contatta from Contatta - Contatta simplifies and streamlines business by bringing together social, workrooms, contacts, task management, newsfeed, and email into one digital platform that works across any device.
Databox from Zepppelin, Inc. - Databox is the first mobile-only executive dashboard, helping executives stay connected to the key metrics that are driving their businesses via their smartphones so that they can make better decisions faster.
FoKo from FoKo - FoKo is a private photo sharing platform for businesses to securely edit and share photos with colleagues, partners, and customers.
Kabuto from Kabuto Corporation - Kabuto lets users share files and collaborate with work teams in a secure environment.
PointDrive from PointDrive Holdings, LLC - PointDrive is a sales-oriented application that lets users present content in a smarter way, deliver and track important content to prospects and customers, and get better customer insights and analytics.

EmoVu from Eyeris - This artificially intelligent emotion recognition software uses a webcam to read users' facial micro-expressions in real-time as they interact with online video or other media.
MoNimbus™ from MoNimbus Inc. - MoNimbus™ is the first cloud-based mobile platform that allows for the creation of rich, customized and managed mobile enterprise experiences without having to use code.
Share from NewAer - Share is the easiest way to exchange files between any wireless devices in your proximity. The tool uses the NewAer Proximity Platform, to identify nearby computers, tablets or mobile phones.
SignToLogin from KASIB, Science and Technology Center - SignToLogin is a cloud platform that verifies personal identity via a handwritten signature. Offered as API for beb resources and SDK for iOS, SignToLogin is designed for billing systems that often require complex, high-level security passwords.

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