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April 12, 2007 19:59 ET

Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford Jr. Speaks Out About Don Imus on "Our World with Black Enterprise"

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 12, 2007 -- On this week's edition of "Our World with Black Enterprise," host Ed Gordon sits down with former Tennessee congressman and current Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford Jr. During the course of the interview, Ford speaks out concerning the Don Imus controversy:

"Well, first off, [Imus] was wrong and the comments are reprehensible. The larger issue here is who we are as a country and what we are; and how people learn and grow from these situations. As you know, Don Imus is my friend. I pain for him and his wife. He's not a bad guy, but what he did was wrong. And I'm encouraged that he'll see those young ladies and apologize. Listen to them, I hope, explain how what he said caused pain. Because that's where I think the disconnect is; not understanding the impact this had. And hopefully we'll all grow from it."

This week's edition of "Our World with Black Enterprise" also includes a roundtable discussion on race in America featuring:

-  Ellis Cose
   Newsweek contributing editor

-  Dr. Manning Marable
   Professor of Public Affairs,
   Political Science, History, and
   African American Studies
   at Columbia University

-  Stanley Crouch
   New York Daily News Columnist
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