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Tea Gastronomy - Demystify tea selection, preparation and flavor pairings

March 24, 2011 06:00 ET

Demystifying Tea Selection, Preparation and Flavor Pairings

Learn Simple and Memorable Entertainment Ideas With Tea Gastronomy

SEAL BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - March 24, 2011) - Tea Gastronomy is the second volume in a book series that offers fresh entertainment ideas for coffee and tea enthusiasts. Despite its popularity in western cultures, tea seldom appears on the list of ingredients in recipes. The care taken by tea blenders to produce flavorful teas can easily rival the efforts of spice and herb manufacturers. Readers who enjoy working with new spices and herbs are sure to enjoy this culinary ingredient. It certainly should not be overlooked and provides the inspiration for fun and fresh entertainment ideas.

Readers looking to set their event apart should consider tea. Giving the gift of tea and making this simple yet flavorful ingredient part of an event can spur conversation about travel, cultures, geography, legends, history and flavor pairings that can even rival the liveliest wine conversation. Did you know that the liquid produced from steeping the tea leaves is referred to as the liquor? Did you know that Turkey -- not England -- consumes the most tea on a per capita basis? Did you know that Kenya produces purple tea? Learn more.

Impress your guests with tea trivia, recipes and entertainment ideas. Learn how tea became part of our daily lives and how to prepare white, yellow, green, oolong, aged and black teas. Learn about the smoky nature of lapsang souchong tea and the vegetal flavor of green tea. Find out more.

Those interested in learning about fresh entertainment ideas as well as chefs and tea experts wishing to connect with tea enthusiasts are encouraged to register at the Coffee Tea Gastronomy website. "Beyond the Kettle," a small collection of quotes, recipes and entertainment ideas will be available on April 17 to subscribers. Register to get this spring collection.

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Coffee Tea Gastronomy is a book series that celebrates the use of coffee and tea as food flavorings. The books were compiled with the assistance of experts and friends including the editorial direction provided by Suzan Schmekel and Danielle Darany. In this series, the author demystifies coffee and tea selection, preparation and flavor pairings in order to provide simple and memorable entertainment ideas. You can learn more about the series at

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